Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Stack

It's all about facings, labels and sleeves in my sewdio today.  I've finished several pieces and have to get two ready to send off to that exhibit in France I mentioned.

The Stack

I like to use a 'pillow-case' facing when I have enough fabric, preferably to match the backing.  You can see that I'm not particular about what I use for backing -- I have yards of that brown-and-white print.  It was given me some years ago in a bag of fabric someone didn't want.  If I don't have enough fabric for a pillow-case facing, I will make one out of strips instead -- generally without mitred corners.  Life's too short to fuss with mitering!!

The top piece you see there is "Big Sky Country", and right underneath that is "Rural Rhythms".  The third piece down (see that bit of blue sticking out?) is one I set aside several months ago because I was having trouble with it.  I didn't like the way the ribbon I was using seemed to pouch out.  I removed the ribbon, densely free-motion stitched the underlying quilt -- and put it away.  I'd dyed more ribbon, but was still worried about how it would lie on the top.

Sunday, I decided "Enough is ENOUGH!" and I dug the piece out.  I worked on it most of the day; after adding the ribbon, I went back into the trees and the bush on the lower right with a bit of paint and pen to add some texture.  Here's what it looks like now, facing applied and waiting for a label so I can finish the back:

Waiting for the Train (C) 2014
Detail - water and rushes
Detail - truck and rushes

I accented the ribbon with a bit of tapestry yarn.  Then, in addition to having 'firmed up' the underlying quilt with dense stitching, I applied a very light dusting of Bo-Nash bonding powder on them and pressed the heck out of them.  They still have texture but they lie flat and don't 'pouch out' from the surface.  I'm happy with it at last!  (For the original inspirational photo, click HERE.)

And one thing actually got finished yesterday:

"Little Sheep" Pin Pillow

Design: One of the "Little Sheep Virtues" from Little House Needleworks. Size: 6" square before stuffing. Stuffed with 100% wool batting from stash.  :-)

'Scuse me now...I have some backings to finish!


Margarita Korioth said...

Love,love your piece *waiting for the train* especially the graffiti, how fun :)

elle said...

Waiting for the train has been worth waiting for! :)

els said...

I love the graffiti in your " Waiting for the train " piece

Judy Warner said...

I really like how Waiting for the Train turned out. I remember when you started it.

Margaret said...
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Linda A. Miller said...

I agree... really like the resulting Waiting for the Train. You achieved great texture in the landscape details.

Judy Martin said...

the ribbon embroidery was a bold touch and very effective.

congratulations !!