Sunday, February 16, 2014

Four for Four

A week ago, Gentle Readers, I invited you to comment on your 'Special Place' wherein you can "simplify experience and bring forth what you are and what you  might be", to quote Joseph Campbell.  I had two books and two magazines to share with the first four respondents.

It's four for four!  elle identified her blog as her 'Special Place';  for Jenny, it's in a plane -- a place that took her by surprise.  Wil's place is her studio and Judy's, out in nature, be it near water or in the mountains but always, she adds, where it's quiet.  Ah.... she'd love it here in my wee hamlet!

And so...if these ladies will e-mail me their mailing addresses, I will send off their treats this week.  To heighten the mystery, I'm not going to reveal to whom which book will'll just have to wait till your parcel arrives!

NOTE: please send the information to me either by Facebook private message or to margblankATxplornetDOTca.  :-)

Happy Sunday!

Sunrise, Mirror, Alberta, Canada - September 2011


elle said...

Thanks, Margaret. I'm ready to be surprised because I'm not sure I could pick which I'd want. LOL

els said...

What a beautiful sunrise.
Enjoy your day.