Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Quite a bit going on here in the sewdio this week.  Having submitted my application for a booth in Lacombe, I've been putting together pieces...some of which, truth be told, began as samples for larger items.  Here's the run-down:

1. She's Come Undone:

I didn't like the quilting on "the tree piece" that I did in Pamela's class.  Specifically, I didn't like the quilting in the sky section.  Oh, it looked alright from the front, but the threads weren't "playing nice" on the back.  I also didn't like the fact that the roof of the building lined up with the 'horizon'.  Something needs to be done about that -- likely adding to the roof so that it covers the horizon line!  The piece remains (for now) in a state of "undone-ness" -- but at least I've given it a "proper" title: "Lost in the Woods":

Sky undone -- with bowl of threads to prove it!

2. Still Considering Contrast:

Remember how I was hoping my class with Pamela ("About Contrast") would give me something to use for our current 15 x 15 theme, "Contrast"?  Well...the best laid plans (as Robbie Burns would say)...

But I'm not one to last long without ideas.  The lovely sunny weather has brought forth beautiful shadows against the snow:

From my front window

One of my favorite walks

I'm thinking about the blue-on-white...and came up with this sample today:

A Walk in the Woods  (C) 2014

Of course, there are some folks who'd rather view it this way:

A Walk in the Woods (C) 2014

Either way, it's 9.5" x 6.5" matted to 15" x 12" (or the other way 'round!).

3. The Glasgow Rose:

CRM, circa 1893
One Example
of the Glasgow Rose
Made famous by Charles Rennie MacIntosh (McIntosh), the Glasgow Rose has long been a favourite motif of mine, and one I've wanted to use in a piece.  Turns out that a special exhibit of the International Quilt Festival (Portland) is featuring roses this year...so my mind is in a whirl.  At a minimum size of 25" square -- large for me -- well, let's just say, if it gets finished and entered on time, it does.  And if it doesn't?  'Twill be a learning experience.

For now, I'm sampling:

Freezer Paper Stencil
in Sketchbook
Freezer Paper Removed

Stencil, Stamps and Spray
A Bouquet Overlaid on a Water-colour Background

The 'grid' or squares and lattices, was an other of the well-known MacIntosh motifs.  I'm pondering using the grid mainly as a quilting design...but perhaps with some cut-back applique judiciously placed...

Playing w/ Grids
Using Bleach and Coloured Marker

4. A Thing of Beauty:

And at last, on the knitting front, the first sock of the latest pair of socks for my daughter is finished!!  It'a a bit big for me (her feet are longer than mine) but you get the idea.  I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.  Pattern:  "Elm" by Cookie A. from Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Socks.  Yarn: "Twig" from Madelinetosh Sock.

Hooking up now to WIP Wednesday on The Needle and Thread Network...because I might just be too busy tomorrow!  :-)


Jo said...

What a lovely setting for a walk! I love snowy scenes like that. So very nicely represented in fabric too!

els said...

Love your Walk in the Woods piece. Your Glasgow roses are going to be very nice as well.

Hilary Florence said...

My you have been busy. Congratulations on the socks - or the first one at least. You daughter should be very proud of them. I LOVE your blue and white pieces - very clean, fresh, simple but very effective. Start of a larger work perhaps?
Hilary Florence

elle said...

WOW! You sure aren't lost! I LUV that horizontal tree. Gwen Marston has new book on minimalism. You nailed it. My favourite style of rose. Didn't know its name! Great stuff, Margaret!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Ooooo-I'm loving " A Walk in the Woods"!

rtquilter said...

Margaret,the little blue and white piece is gorgeous! I REALLY like it,,

Linda said...

Your Walk in the Woods is just wonderful! I love it! and the rose challenge is going to be amazing. Nice to see how you get things going in your design process.

Jo Ferguson said...

Thank you for sharing your design process and inspiration. Your walk in the woods is stunning, both the actual pic and the sample. I can't wait to see how you finish the rose.

Kathie Briggs said...

Margaret, your Walk in the Woods is wonderful in either orientation. You have captured the light and shadow perfectly. Love the simplicity of your quilting lines. Will be interesting to see where the experiments with the Glasgow Rose take you.

Regina said...

You certainly keep busy - and your project are very nice (in either direction). I didn't know that flower motif is called the Glasgow Rose - lovely name for a lovely image.