Sunday, October 23, 2022

Something for Everyone!

 It might have taken me almost a month to post an update but, Gentle Readers, I hope you'll find it worth the wait!

For a change, let's start with my progress on the work for Art in the Park 2022 -- which is to tour B.C., starting at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre, in 2023.

You might recall from my last post that I'd made several unsuccessful samples for ideas I'd had re: a "meadow" piece, and had finally returned to my passion for improv and "artful log cabins" in the style of Katie Pasquini Masopust.  Now that piece is finished but for trimming, facing and attaching a hanging sleeve:

As a reminder, here's the inspirational photo:

Next up, another "flora" inspiration: a plant called "False Hellebore" that grew in profusion in the area, but though pretty, is poisonous.  Here are some photos I took in situ:

Don't those leaves look luscious?!

I had a vision of something 3-D.  Along came a wonderful episode of The Quilt Show featuring artist Mary McCauley, who (by happenstance) makes pieces that resemble "pop-up" books.  Who knew?!  The show got me excited, so I bought her book -- in PDF format because the CAD exchange is out of this world.  At least this way I avoided shipping and printed off only essential pages.

I then tried samples in paper, using recycled file folders as Mary recommends:

Sample 1

Sample 1 - closed

Et voila!  Sample 1 opened

Sample 2 closed

Sample 2 opened

Ah well...neither of these would give me the look I wanted: 3 sculpted leaves meeting around a centre base, like the ones in the photos.  Sigh.

Then I did a bit of internet snooping and found a product that would enable me to mold leaves in the way I wanted -- and maybe this would also enable me to hand-stitch them onto a corded base.  And it's fusible!  Hmmm.   The product is "Inn-spire-Heat Set Moldable Non-woven Interfacing" and -- joy of joys!! -- I could get it in CANADA -- from a shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba: KTR Sewing Centre.  Who knew?!  There's a YouTube video on how to use it.  I ordered two sheets -- despite the flat rate shipping which was almost equal to their cost -- and lo and behold!  Because the actual shipping was significantly less expensive, this wonderful shop refunded me the difference!!  It arrived last week; I've  yet to return to stay tuned!

Meanwhile...I moved on to a third piece, from the "forest" inspirational photos -- a section of fallen log:

This one is going to be full of texture.  I began with a simply wonderful commercially-produced background fabric, which I quilted with straight lines.  Next, I painted some used dryer sheets (courtesy of my daughter and one of her friends), and applied them to the surface with hand-stitch, using #12 perle cotton.  

Next I put the piece in a Q-snap frame and began to free-hand embroider the surface with straight stitches, seed stitches, sloppy French knots etc., starting at the top:

I decided to move slowly down the piece, applying all the surface embellishment in one section before moving on to the next.  To this end, I auditioned (and have now begun to add) some seed beads:

Because the fabric isn't easy to stitch through (2-3 layers depending on how I work it out, using threads of varying thickness), it's going to take me some time, but I think it will be well worth it in the end!  Stay tuned for more progress!

Now...what about the other stuff on which I've been working?!

Well...there's all the cross-stitching, mainly for Xmas gifts -- progress on several fronts, some of which I can't share here as the recipient(s) read my blog:

It's been sitting idle since just before Canadian Thanksgiving, because I've also been working on this:

For a young woman who I'm told likes to bake -- this is one of a series called the "Kitchen Counter" series from Hands On Designs.  The full caption will read, "Life is short; lick the bowl".  Great fun!  (I'm using my choice of DMC floss from my stash, plus a 30-count "mystery evenweave", also from stash.

And this week was -- once again -- a visit with the gnomes on the "Growth Chart" project.

In my last post it was here -- approaching the "90" mark:

As of late last evening (October 22), it was here:

Yes, I'm working on flowers and leaves, just past the "100" mark.  Coming along nicely!

Meanwhile, the other wee project for the baby who's going to be given the Growth Chart, was a promised pair (or 2) of socks as the weather grew colder.  These are now finished but to sew in the ends and wash them -- and they'll be mailed off this week:

Last but not least, one more Xmas/birthday gift has been in progress: a throw quilt for a young man of my acquiantance. The top is finished except for the addition of a border to make it a bit larger -- but still within my ability to quilt it here at home.  

The pattern is "Magic Tiles" but, true to form, I messed up the slicing and dicing a bit, so I'm calling it "Wabi Sabi" instead! 😉😆

No matter; it's going to be a cozy covering for TV watching, movie watching, reading, game-playing etc., and I hope it gets well-used!

My theology class is almost over, much to my relief, and I won't be taking another till the new year -- a good thing, because I have too much to do between now and then!

I'll leave you with my usual link to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  She's busy this week so is "just hosting" -- but there are lots of blogs to look at, and be inspired.  Happy end of October -- and if your in the Northern Hemisphere, get ready to hunker down and stay cozy!

'Bye for now!


Kate said...

I think my favourite piece, in this collection, is the fallen log. The handwork looks tough though.

Love the little socks.

Keep stitching!

kunamola said...

As always you are so determined and busy with all kind of projects. I like them all but fell in love with your fallen log Forest piece. Can't wait to see it finished.

Bethany G said...

Good Wednesday morning Marg ... Ahhh, you never fail to delight and excite me with your beautiful work! I could never take on the three-dimensional work you are heading to... just not in my wheelhouse. But, the Fallen Log is amazing.
Very excited to see where the finish takes you and this will be a SAQA value piece that should be traveling... I'll be watching along.

I am overwhelmed with teaching, Art Show entry creation, and Cloth in Common projects, but had some walks and time to just breathe after the big trip to Judge the Quebec Quilt Show.

Your work always inspires me to take on these new jobs and make the art I love.
Take good care - heading into fall virus numbers - so stay close to home.