Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One a Day...

Quilty "Vitamins" to (hopefully) spark your creativity or liven up your project list -- or simply brighten a dull, wintry day.  :-)

As this is the last week of my "10th Blog-aversary" celebrations, I thought I'd give away a treat-a-day for the last 3 days of February.  I have three quilt patterns to share...and the first one is a packet of instructions for four different quilts designed by the Queen of Kaleidoscope Quilts, Paula Nadelstern.

As in the past two weeks, the names of all past commenters have been expunged from my memory (!) and I've begun a new list from the first 'Fabric Week' post on February 22 through this morning.  Names will continue to be added through Friday at 7:599999 a.m. for the 'big' draw that day... but for this morning, I went to my friendly draw-master, Random.org, and the winner of this packet of patterns is... Kitchener Quilter!  I'll be in touch with her by e-mail as soon as this post is published, so I can get her postal address and mail off her treat.

In the studio today: two more miniatures, and the stitching of sleeves (hanging, that is) on three finished pieces.  More later...have a great day!


Gill said...

This looks fun but I have to admit I haven't heard of Paula Nadelstern!!

Kitchener Quilter said...

In March 2011, I traveled to New York City to see Joanna Rose's amazing collection of 650 Red and White quilts. While I was there, I also saw a Paula Nadelstern quilt. It too, was spectacular, and so much more of an experience that when you just see a photo of her work.