Monday, February 25, 2013

Congratulations are in Order!

Here in the SAQA Western Canada Region (B.C. on the far West through Manitoba)  have been blessed with wonderful representatives to the general SAQA Board.  Anna Hergert pioneered as the Rep for this vast region.  (To our American neighbours and friends: take a close look: British Columbia through to the eastern-most border of Manitoba.  Seriously.  ONE SAQA Region!).

A couple of years ago, Anna realized she needed help, and Jill Sullivan in B.C. and Patti Morris here in Central Alberta (Red Deer) joined her as co-reps.  Now after six (!) years, Anna is stepping down and ceding her post to Dawn Piasta of Dauphin, Manitoba.  Welcome aboard, Dawn!

And best wishes to my former teacher and mentor, Anna, on future creative endeavours!

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Judy Warner said...

Congrats for Anna and Dawn. It sure is a big area to keep connected!