Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mid-week Miniatures

A bit over a week from now and I'll be six months past my sixtieth birthday.  Six decades plus and I am still resisting the life lesson that "It takes as long as it takes", whatever it is.  I wake up each morning with a list of what I 'plan' to do...but rarely do I get it all accomplished, even if it's a short list!  And we all know full well that when we use the excuse, "Life got in the way"...well -- we were the ones getting in our own way, weren't we?!

Yesterday I 'planned' to make two miniatures and lay out materials for a mid-sized piece.  Well.  I got one miniature finished.  The sewing machine fought with me over the thread painting, even after I'd cleaned the bobbin case, changed the needle and tried several combinations of top and bottom thread.  By then it was late afternoon, I'd worked (fought!) through my usual jogging time and needed a break, so I sat with my coffee and read some of the blogs I follow.  In this lovely little post from my former watercolour teacher, Sharon Lynn Williams, was this nugget:

"How little can I say and still say the subject?"

She was quoting someone -- I don't know who -- but it made perfect sense.  I didn't really need that thread painting in the centre of this piece; the hand-dyed fabric could 'say the subject' all on its own.

Prairie Autumn (c) 2013
Inspired by a photo taken by my husband years ago
somewhere near Millarville, south of Calgary, Alberta

And now for today's mid-week treat, the second of my one-a-day "creative vitamins"!  The wee gift today is

Tulip Medley SBD142 is a pattern designed by Coral Love of Sagebud Designs,  for a paper-pieced and applique medallion-style quilt that finishes (as shown) 58.5" square.  I don't think the company has a website but it's located in Chico, California and markets patterns through "The Pattern Peddlers" and other venues.  I admit to purchasing it in a weak moment when I thought I might eventually get the hang of paper-piecing (the North American version, not the English, which I love and can do!).  Though a very pretty piece, with the clarity of age, I realize I will never be inclined to that art...and so pass along this unused pattern to Gill -- who will hopefully enjoy it and/or pass it on herself and share the love.  Congratulations, Gill, and I'll be in touch with you for your mailing address!

Now...back to those miniatures!


Gill said...

Thank you so much Margaret!

Kit Lang said...

Oh, but I LOVE that little thread painting! :)

Linda A. Miller said...

Well said about getting in our own way...know that one! Keeping it simple can help to be clear about what needs to be done.

rtquilter said...

Love the little picture, Margaret! Very nice. Culd we see it closer up so we could see the detail?

Cathy Tomm said...

Great little quilt. Love the saying. How little?

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Love "Prairie Autumn"!!