Friday, November 23, 2012

Lunch Break!

It's not 'Black Friday' here (tell that to some of our American-based box stores, though)...but I'm joining along with Sandy et al for a Sew In.  I've begun the day with my C&G assessment piece.  Yesterday I did this:

Auditioned final fabric selection

And then this...

Fused background to foundation fabric
And then this...

Added hills, auditioned trees
The little white bits of paper on the tree trunks are numbered.  At that point the trees weren't attached (I wanted to quilt the sky first), so I numbered them with bits of freezer paper to be sure I could remember where I wanted to put them!

This morning I took up where I left off and quilted the sky and fused and stitched down the tree trunks.  In the photo the piece is lying on the extension to my sewing table.  Doesn't arlee's naturally-dyed fabric make great aspen trunks?!

I have a coffee date in a couple of hours...and now that I've had my lunch I'm ready to go back to work.  I thought about starting Part 1 of Bonnie's 'Easy Street' Mystery, but seeing as I seem to be on a roll with the assessment piece, I think I'll keep going.  The Mystery will be perfect for  this evening when I need something less stressful challenging  ...when I need something soothing -- like cutting and sewing strips -- with which to relax!

Will check in again later; meanwhile, check out the Sew Day at Quilting for the Rest of Us for Sandy's give-away and other blogger's BDSI activities.  Enjoy!


elle said...

The tree fabric is very lifelike! So far sew good!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Wow that piece is coming along nicely-I've enjoyed the journey!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very lovely piece. I got started on Bonnie's mystery today...hope to do some more tonight. Always enjoy visiting your blog.