Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Twenty Years...and I'm Still Blogging!


On February 8, 2003, I posted my first weblog.  It was short, sweet and simple -- a quote from knitting icon, Elizabeth Zimmerman

"...But I can knit.  I knit all year, day in, day out.  It is my passion, and I rarely knit the same thing twice the same way."

I don't remember the source of the quote -- perhaps one of her books (I own three) or perhaps from someone like Clara Parkes who, at the time, had created the first online forum for knitters, called "Knitter's Review", named for her website and her work, which explores all things knitting.  The forum is no longer -- Clara retired it after Ravelry took off -- but Clara is still busy exploring.  I have several of her books and get her daily 'Respite' newsletter.  I'm still a big fan of all things Clara!

My second post was several months later, but eventually I got into it, and posted regularly, blogging under the heading, "The Lady Who Knits on the Bus".  My "handle" on Clara's forum was "TLWKTB".  Seriously!

In that second post I described a cardigan I was knitting out of -- believe it or not -- Sugar 'n' Cream Cotton.  I liked the cardi and wore it quite a bit, but it's long gone now.  The pattern -- Sitcom Chic -- was from a new (to me) designer, a young woman named Bonnie Marie Burns, and it was published in an equally new magazine called Knitty -- which is still going strong today.  The cardigan was really cute -- I might even knit it again sometime, but not in that heavy cotton yarn! LOL!

In the early days of weblogs, I didn't have a camera that could download photos onto my computer -- which at the time was a tower, not a laptop.  I had to scan them in -- which means photos were few and far between indeed.  

Twenty years on, Elizabeth is no longer with us, but I'm betting she's still knitting -- probably using angel hair!  As for me, I'm still knitting too; it's the first craft I do each morning, with my coffee, as I read the headlines, check the weather and figure out the priorities of my day.  

In grief after my DH died in 2006, all my hands wanted to do was knit.  I can't remember the project(s) on the needles at the time, but knitting -- and cutting fabric strips for quilting -- were what kept me sane for a good long time.  They still do.

Now, of course, I have Ravelry to thank for tracking both my stash and my projects, and for introducing me to many new friends and acquaintances.  Recently an art quilt colleague and I discovered that before we met on Facebook as part of the Studio Art Quilt Associates community, we were friends on Ravelry!  Moreover, we share not only a love of knitting and quilting, but also a love of cross stitch.

Today, I'm thankful for the technology that's provided a platform for my writing, and a vehicle for connecting with friends and family across the miles.  I'm thankful for all the creative minds to which I've been introduced: all the artwork, all the designs, and all the patterns.  And I'm especially thankful for the communities that surround the various textile genres: knitting, quilting, spinning, stitching, fine art and fine craft.  With few exceptions the people I've encountered therein are friendly, inspiring and encouraging.

For example, in my SAQA Members Facebook group, I've been able to share my work, to see and admire and be inspired by that of my colleagues, and to have support and encouragement when needed.  Yesterday I asked for advice on how to write a certain style of Artist's Statement go go with my Art in the Park Residency paperwork -- and I got that advice quickly, with encouragement tucked inside.

So...thanks for sticking with me all these years -- if you have been -- and thanks for joining me more recently, if that's the case.  (You can get these posts in your e-mail if you submit a request through the "Follow It" box in the sidebar.)

Who knows what the next twenty years will bring?  I just hope they find me knitting every day.

-- With love and thanks,  The Lady Who Knits on the Bus


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary!
I also knit everyday. In the last three years it has become even more important to knit. Calm meditative vanilla socks. Mine stretching lace. Sweaters for new babies.
Thank you for giving me a perk into your world.

Bethany G said...

Celebrate these many years, Marg - you have friends from all around the world. Happy Anniversary! bethany