Sunday, June 15, 2003

The Name Game

I have just joined a Knit Along group through -- my first ever. Our Project (starting today) is the Sitcom Chic sweater from Knitty (Spring 2003). As I was chugging away on my circs out on my lawnchair, working on the SCC and reading Nargi's Knitting Lessons at the same time (!), it struck me how many projects these days have delightful little names -- like the SCC. Where do they come from? Do any of you name your own projects? I've never done so before, but it might be a great idea.

For example, this SCC is being done up in Sugar'n'Cream cotton in Delft Blue. It is indeed blue, so I might dub it "SCC True Blue". If I do another in -- say -- shocking pink -- I might refer to it as "SCC -- Shockers"...or whatever. Whadya think? Is there somethin' goin' on here? Let me know (e-mail is on the sidebar!).

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