Friday, July 25, 2003

Gettin' Away II

Wednesday was Day 2 of my adventure at the Sitch and Sew Getaway, sponsored by Betty Caskey of Victorian Pleasures. Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but you're gonna hafta wait for the photos on this one. I can't simply lay a Pin Weaving board on my scanner and expect it to pick up! :-)

Besides, yesterday I was running around. Some chores; some fun. First: 'Curves' 'round the corner for a 30-minute, get the blood pumping work out. I always feel better when I come out of there!

After cleaning me up, I cleaned out the basement and headed for the Recycle Depot, where I came away with some cool cash. Then the car wash. Cutie Pie goes in for her Annual Checkup today, and I couldn't have her do so with bugs on her bumper (and windshield and back end...)! While the young folks scrubbed, rubbed and dubbed, I knit on the BNS for my DD in blessed peace and quiet.

Next stop: Starbucks/Chapters for a bit of a read and the latest 'O' magazine, for inspiration (I need to lose 15 lb. in the worst way!!). The latest issue (Aug '03) is on weight loss challenges in all of their manifestations. Willpower flagging (despite Curves), I needed this like a tonic!

Home for lunch and a peek on the 'net, and then out again -- distributing lettuce to my office colleagues and picking up stuff at the family doc's...then down to My Sewing Room for the 30% off sale!! Managed to get fabric for a birthday project for my DSis (Big Birthday in November) and for the borders of my "Garden Delight" (first class is next week). More on that later!

Meanwhile, my Valeria di Roma 'Cinta' arrived yesterday -- yummy! -- for the (2nd) Tequila Tank I want to make (see
KnitNet, June 2003)...

What's in store for today? I've told my DS that I want my house (so he'll have to DVD in his room!), and while Cutie Pie is having her tires rotated, I'm going to knit and sew! Curtains (pinned) for the kitchen window, a Lover's Knot table runner (yes, I frogged (sigh) and had to start over), the Tequila Tank...and maybe some pin weaving...and reading (Life of Pi...) Prob'ly too much for one day, but a girl can dream!

Tomorrow, it's off to the Calgary Folk Festival to see and hear our friend, Tom Wilson, and his buddies, pickin' and grinnin'.


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