Sunday, July 27, 2003

Fun at the Festival

It was all pickin' and grinnin' in the sunshine at the Calgary Folk Festival yesterday. DH and I went down to Prince's Island in the Handi-bus -- which was like limo service! We were the only ones on the bus, the trip was fast and efficient, and I didn't have to worry about parking! Bliss!

We arrived about 45 minutes before our friend, Tom Wilson, was due to appear, so we took the lay of the land -- location of the ammenities (ahem!), as well as the numerous food and drink vendors, and the gift shops. I didn't know that Custom Woollen Mills was going to be among them, or I'd have come more prepared! ($$-wise, that is!) As it is, I did manage to buy a little "Teething Booties" kit. Here's a snippet of the yarn that came with the one I got:

As I have no granchildren in the offing...(far as I know!!) I'll use the wool for something else, and spin up the delicious deep purple roving.

The real plus was chatting with the woman who was 'on duty'. She had a drop spindle with her and we discussed technique (of which mine, to date, has been rather sloppy!). She showed me how to spin 'in a cup' while sitting down, so my arms won't get so tired. What a relief! I just hope it'll work when I try it!

At 10:30 a.m., our Tom and his buds, Burgess and Korshinsky, took the stage and we enjoyed a full hour of Tom's own tunes, plus a couple extra. B&K are part of the band, Jerusalem Ridge, who are known mostly (I gather) for their blue grass. The 3 guys together sure put out some perty music!

After the concert, we ambled around a bit, got lunch at one of the concessions, and ate it in the shade of a big old tree across the lawn from the Main Stage. DH had had about enough Festival by then, so we wheeled over to the Eau Claire Market, and browsed the shops. At about 1:30 p.m. we sat down for a beer at an outdoor patio and waited for the bus. By 3 p.m., DH was home in bed, and I'd headed back downtown to catch Tom et al again, plus Kerr & Corth, plus the Bill Hilly Band, in an hour-long Blue Grass bash. It was gr-r-r-reat! :-)

During all of this grand music, I was able to tap my toes and swing my shoulders while knitting on my Tequila Tank. Despite the "Ultrasoft" label, the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton is not quite as soft as the Sugar 'n' Cream I used for my Sitcom Chic cardigan, but it knits up a nice firm lace and I just love the colours!

All for now; I've got to get back to my quilting, or Samantha and Jan aren't going to have a gift at their wedding next weekend!


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