Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Follow It! My New "Pied Piper" Service

Most of you, Gentle Readers, know that I don't use Instagram or Facebook to tell my stories -- I'm a blogger at heart and have been on "Blogger" since February 2003. Over those almost 18 years, kids have been born and are getting ready to graduate high school and/or leave home! The world has changed, and tech has altered the way we live -- including how we "follow" each other online.

Feed Burner stopped its service a few months ago, meaning that those who have been loyal followers of my blog directly by getting an e-mail, haven't been able to do that -- through no fault of their own!

While I have a list of e-mail followers saved from "Feed Burner days", I don't want to simply import those addresses, preferring instead to have subscribers do so themselves again. It might take a while for those folks to see the notice, but if they -- or you -- visit my blog now, you'll see a new 'follow by e-mail' gadget on the left side of the page, provided by an outfit called follow.it.

If you decide to "follow", simply enter your e-mail and click "Subscribe". Shortly you'll get an e-mail asking for your confirmation (i.e. your permission). Reply accordingly -- and you'll be connected to my ramblings as they're posted -- every couple of weeks or so.

I hope you'll join in, and share with those you think my like to follow my blog. And thanks for your support! 😊

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Kate said...

Good luck with follow.it. I tried it but it wasn't for me, so I went with MailChimp instead. It wasn't as easy to set up but I got more options n a free account.