Saturday, October 23, 2021

A Visit to the Gallery

Early in August, most of my framed work was hung in the Red Deer gallery space belonging to Andrea Hatch, my long-time framer.  I was her "Featured Artist" and was expected to show until the end of this month.

Then a fourth wave of COVID hit the province.  I won't go into the details, but suffice to say a great deal of it was brought on by a combination of the stubborn refusal to get vaccinated on the part of too many eligible folks, and an over-optimistic reading of the 'signs' by provincial leadership. 

The circumstances meant a re-tightening of restrictions -- along with a "we don't call it a passport" proof of vaccination program -- which rather dampened the ardour of those who'd usually go out looking at art work, perhaps with a view to buying a piece or two.  And it meant that managing traffic in the small-ish gallery space would be a real challenge for Andrea.

So...there's been no Artist's Reception, no First Friday, no series of events for Harvest Celebration.

The good news is that the work is still there and may stay for another month at least, even as COVID case numbers oh-so-gradually begin to decline and vaccination numbers just as gradually begin to increase.  And that means there might be a "Reception" or "Talk" in November.

Meanwhile, ten days or so ago, I needed to be in Red Deer -- a good 1 hour's drive away -- for other things, so on my way home I drove up through the north end to visit the gallery and see how my work had been hung.  I thought this week I'd share what I found. 

The gallery has a front room (foyer) and inner room, along with an office, a room for framing, and a back room full of specialty printing and framing equipment.  While most of my work filled the inner room, there were two pieces in the foyer, hung alongside the work of another artist -- a painter named Theresa Williams.

Here's a close up of my two pieces, which are on the bottom left.  Both are mounted on 12" x 12" canvas and yes, the one on the bottom is mono-printed on rusted fabric before quilting.

Top: March Trees III (2019),
Bottom: Grasslands III (2018)

The reason these two are out in the foyer area is because they'd been taken home for an 'audition' by a client (who'd left her VISA card number as security!) and returned.  No sale!

Moving into the inner room...

The first pieces are from my 'Crumbpilations' series and are on the wall immediately to the right of the entrance to the room.  All four are 12" x 12" on stretched canvas, in floater frames.  They were created in 2018 when I decided I'd probably never make a full-sized crumb quilt!

Clockwise from the top left:
Crossroads; Take the Back Roads;
Never the Twain Shall Meet; and
You Can't Get There from Here

Farther down that wall, one would see this group, mounted on a slice of wall between the small framing room and the office:

From the top:
On the Edge of Mirror (2020);
Shuttered: Riel House, Manitoba  (2020);
and Brown Pot  (2021)

On the Edge... is 10" W x 8" L; the other two are 9" x 12", in different orientations.  All are on stretched canvas, in floater frames.  Shuttered is based on a photo taken by my daughter Gina -- my favourite photographer! -- by permission.  😊

Next, on the opposite wall, to the left of the entrance -- this first photo was hard to take because of the position of the counter (lower left).  

Far left: a trio from my "New Directions" series (2019), two framed
and one (top) not.  On the counter, a different "Crumbpilation"
entitled Making My Way Home (2018).  Left centre: the six
remaining pieces from "Inspired by Scotland" (2018). Right
centre- top: Fire Moon (2018); bottom: On the Edge III (2020).
On the table - a selection of stitched, rusted pieces (2019) plus
a colourful abstraction based on a photo by my friend Bob Laws of Calgary,
and used by permission: After the Storm: Grenada (2018)

And the ones on the far right of this wall -- making use of every bit of wall space!!

Trio on the left: top - Take Some Tea with Me (2019) - 12" x 16";
 centre: Smokey Hills (2020) - 12" x 9"; bottom: Checking Fences,
(2018) - mounted on 12" x 12" painted stretched canvas.
Duo on the right: top - Grasslands I; bottom, Grasslands II -
both are on 12" x 16" stretched canvas, and were created in 2018.

I know that most of you, Gentle Readers, won't be anywhere close to Curiosity Art & Framing in Red Deer, Alberta but...if you are, the shop is currently open Monday through Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  You can see individual photos of my work by scrolling down the webpage to "Featured Artists".  There, you'll see my textile pieces mixing and mingling in the company of painters, potters, metallurgists and wood turners -- and each piece is priced (before GST and/or shipping).  

While you enjoy the 'tour', I'm going to check in on Nina-Marie over at Off the Wall Friday!  (This week she's all about the Cherrywood Challenge.) 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Teri said...

On the Edge of Mirror is on the gallery website but not Checking Fences. If it's still available I'd really like it.