Wednesday, July 17, 2019

It's There

I'm tired.

It's been a long day and a heart-breaking week -- watching as more of what made Canada's Neighbour (with a 'u') to the South great, disintegrate as the vote to impeach didn't pass, as DT continues his buffoonery and insults, as his smarmy face shows up next to that of an accused child molester and trafficker of whom he disavows any knowledge.

As much of his party refuses to condemn him.

It's heart-breaking.

Closer to home, I've been struggling for over 24 hours to clean the quilt I made for my nephew's birthday (July 5).

It was beautifully quilted by my long-armer; I picked it up Friday a.m. and bound it over the weekend.

Then I washed it.  And some **##@@$$!! PRE-WASHED red fabric bled into the white print that dominates the sashing and background.

Most of yesterday and today I have worked to try to fix this...with no change.  There is one last shot -- when I get to The Shop or to a larger grocery tomorrow to buy 'colour catchers' -- YES, with a 'u', because that's how we roll up here.

I took out part of my frustration by mowing my backyard in the 23 C of the early afternoon, at top speed -- I finished in 40 minutes what usually takes 60. 😮

I've eaten chocolate and had perhaps a drink or two too many.  I yelled (alone, in my house) at the Almighty, accusing HIM (it's always a 'him' when I am angry) of ignoring goodness here on earth and sitting back on HIS "cloud", being mightily entertained by HIS puny humans in some HIM-forsaken "reality show", not doing a darned thing about it.

And then...

I decided to crawl into bed with the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine that arrived in today's mail.  And there it was: a spread of Season After Season...the SAQA Global exhibit in which I have a piece.

And then there was the piece -- on page 20.  Who cares if the Americans can't spell "colour" to save their souls?  It's there -- full out -- with the blurb I wrote (misspelling notwithstanding)...

And suddenly...I feel better. 


Maybe I really can get up tomorrow and go to work at The Shop.

And go back to the Sewdio on Friday for another stint at the "Wall-to-Bed Project".

Maybe I can keep on keeping on...and let HER take care of DT and DT's ilk...and all the problems they're causing for their country and the rest of human kind.

Just maybe...there's still hope.

Incarnation to Resurrection:
Celebrating the Colours of the Church Year
(C) 2018


Anna Maria Junus said...

Congratulations on the article! That's so exciting! Maybe you can post a picture of it.

As for the quilt. Yes, it's heartbreaking. If it doesn't come out you can simply tell the recipient that it was on person and the red bleeding symbolizes something. And he can figure out what it symbolizes. Besides, it is beautiful anyway and he'll know it was made with love.

As for DT is so frustrating to watch from the sidelines what is happening and what people are allowing to happen and the people that support it happening. And there's nothing we can do but spread the news about it.

Congrats again on your success!

Kate said...

I feel for the neighbours to the south. I used to think it couldn't spread here, but events have proved me wrong. Just for today, I will try to make my world a kinder, more inclusive place. And I will try again tomorrow.

If you haven't already seen it, Google for "Fix my bleeding quilt". If all else fails, I am sure your nephew will love his quilt, just as it is, as a warm hug from you.

I'm off to play with my favourite little person.

Christine Staver said...

Yes another crappy week in the U country. I am so weary at this point.

Did you already heat dry this quilt? If not how about soaking it in Blue dawn or synthapol until the dyes come out? If you have already dried it in a dryer than I don't know what you can do. I guess you can still soak it and see if any of the red will come out of the white. It's a nice quilt...shame about the dye transfer.

Kris said...

Thanks for your sweet compassion towards those of us in the US who wake up crying every morning... yet again turning off the news and choosing to remain uninformed rather than having to witness the spectacle. Totally not able to comprehend how so many people can live with such fear in their hearts that they feel it is okay to hurt others with their words and their actions... among them devout Christian friends who pray to God in one breath and impugn anyone who is not like them in the next breath. How do I even begin to reconcile those dear friendships? As I turn 67 today, I long for peace, kindness and justice for every living being. May our quilts tell the stories of compassion, reaching across the divide, salvaging this disintegrating planet, loving every plant, animal... every life form. May our quilts transcend the misery and strife and may our quilters use their artistic voices to show the way to a world where every viewpoint is accepted, where every color of the rainbow would be sorely missed if it disappeared, and where every voice is listened to with compassionate understanding. (And where the red that bleeds into white finds a miraculous way to fade away.)

Bethany G said...

Imagine being an American with strong and committed allegiance to the Flag, the Constitution and the future of my six adult children and ten grandchildren living in Michigan and Indiana... I am devastated and feeling abandoned and distraught quite often as well. Angry most of the time, which is not like me...

The course the US of A is taking under DT's leadership is a collision course with disaster. It is coming - who knows what or when. But the delight in being here in Canada is the amazing friends and friendships I have made over the past 34 years and the safe haven that we call home now.

Kindness, supporting the needs of others, recognizing the value and the strength of partnerships and collaboration to make our Canada a better place to live with every dawing day... all bring solace and peace.

Be strong, take heart in the hundreds of friendships you have grown here and abroad...your work is a place of haven and we love every stitch. Somehow, one day, all will be well... as it is written. Huggs your way!
(and congrats on that 40 minute record!)

Sue in Calgary said...

I'm sorry the red ran. I'm sure it was heartbreaking. A lot of work went into it and you had a vision for the final piece. However, think of your nephew! What if he had washed it and the red ran? He might have rolled up that quilt and hid it away forever too embarrassed to display it. I think it's great that you washed it first. This way, it's currently as ruined as it's going to be and by the maker, no less! It truly looks loved already. And he gets to enjoy it along with quite the story!

I like Kris' comment about the pinkish tinge fading over time. I think that will likely happen.