Monday, July 01, 2019

For Those Who Ask...

Thanks to all who take time to read my blog posts, and to send comments!  For those of us who send our stories out into cyberspace, not knowing exactly where they'll land, it's lovely to know that people are actually reading, and interested.

Now... a quick word of advice.  If you send a comment that includes a question you'd like me to answer, please provide a way to do that.  Some of you are friends and I have your e-mail addresses, so even if you post as "No Reply at Blogger", I can write you a thank you and/or respond to a query.

However, some of you are not friends or acquaintances of mine from other parts of my life.  If you post as "No Reply" -- and have no contact information associated with your link on Blogger...well, that just makes it darned hard to answer a question!  😕

So...for the reader who asked if I'd recommend Katie PM's book, Artful Log Cabins, the answer would be "maybe", because I can't get hold of you to find out more about the sort of things you like to do with fabric. 

Here's a link to Katie's website...and you might check out the You Tube video she created to introduce her online class on the subject.  Maybe that will help!

Now...back to the sewdio.  It's going to be a quilty Canada Day around these parts!

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elle said...

I was really hoping to exercise some control here but darn, I want ahead and ordered the book. Thanks, sorta, for the link! lol