Saturday, June 29, 2019

This Just Might Work!

Since my last post, I've been working pretty steadily on my latest commission -- interpreting an art quilt as a bed quilt.  (I'm calling the project "wall-to-bed" as an easy way to summarize it!)

The art piece looks like this:

I spent the first few hours of the project working out grids and measurements, trying to figure out how to convert a "random" grid (one of the types suggested in Katie PM's Artful Log Cabin Quilts) into something 700% larger than the original printed on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Katie talks about enlargements as great as 400%, which could be done at a copy shop.  I checked out options online (my nearest shop is at Staples in Red Deer, an hour's drive from here) -- and decided to go with her "enlarge one block at a time" option.  Here's a glimpse at my sketchbook -- just a couple of the pages of drawings and calculations, with the grid and what I'm using now to make the piece "work":

The page with the bright yellow sticky notes indicates for each section, how many actual blocks I have to make, and what size.  The "sky" piece takes 4 rows of 4 blocks, 7" square (unfinished).  The next row (a bit of sky with bush) will take 1 row of 3 blocks, 9.25" square, also unfinished. 

Just above that sheet, you'll see a separate sheet with lines and text.  That's my time tracking sheet, saved years ago from artist Jean Judd, whom I met at my first SAQA conference in Denver, CO, in 2011.  (I've not heard of or from her in some time...but I think of her often and hope all is well with her.  If any of you Gentle Readers have news, please share!)  This is the first time I've actually used her worksheet to track my process; we'll see how that turns out in the end!

I thought I was on the right track...till I got into the first set of blocks -- for that large chunk of sky in the upper right of the above photo.  Researching types of log cabin blocks, I knew that making them rectangular could be done...but I just couldn't get my head around it.  I knew, though, that I could  'square up' wonky blocks -- so that's the route I've chosen.

As of this afternoon -- after a delightful sew day, wherein my friend and newbie quilter, Gwendy, joined me for stitching, lunch out and conversation -- I've finished the blocks for that sky section:

Next step: sew them together, and then move on to sky/bush, then soil, then grass -- all along the same part of the original piece.  I am leaving the trees/sky bit till later!

I know the lights and darks aren't an exact interpretation, but remember, this is an "artful log cabin bed quilt" being made by interpreting an art quilt that was created based on a photo...

Yes; I think this is going to work.

Whatever happens, I am sure to learn a great deal along the way -- and I owe a debt of gratitued to Katie Pasquini Masopust and her amazing technique.

Tomorrow?  A bit of a rest as I attend our Parish's outdoor service at a local ranch -- celebrating 100 years of that ranch's existence -- and follow up with a spate of gardening at my sister's cottage.

As Nina Marie opines in her latest Off the Wall Friday (to which I'm linking)..sometimes a rest is required!

Monday is CANADA DAY here...A national holiday, this year celebrating 152 years since Confederation.  Our nation is growing and maturing, recognizing flaws from its past and working to make them right.  And yet again, we've been voted #1 as a place/country in which to live.  See?  Weather isn't everything!  Winter can be bearable if the folks around you are terrific!  😉

So... Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers, and Happy July 4 to our friends to the south.  Our hearts are with you...for so very many reasons, these days!  😉

Have a great rest of the weekend -- have a great rest of the week!

And thanks for stopping by.  More on the Wall-to-Bed Project as time permits....


Kate said...

Your work so far looks very good.
Have a lovely long weekend.

Jennifer said...

Hi Obi Wan Kenobe,

Jennifer C here, a Vancouver area reader. Love your wall to bed quilt progress so far. I'm attempting to do something similar ... taking a photograph of Cape Breton to create a queen sized bed quilt with the flying geese traditional block, instead of a log cabin. Destined as a wedding gift for a niece and her betrothed.

I've got the inspirational image, dimensions, a bit of an idea to work with and a machine quilter sorted. Hopefully, this week will allow time to draft a plan and begin dyeing some fabric.

Haven't been able to play with fabric for several years, so really looking forward to getting my feet wet again. I wonder if I should find Katie MP's book? What would you suggest?

I have remained a faithful reader, just not making much lately.

Bethany G said...

Have a wonderful Canada Day Margaret - sending hugs your way! I LOVE your sky blocks and know this will be a very special commission for a wonderful friend. She is blessed!
Isn't it great when things start falling into place and the project takes wings... this will be fun to watch! bethany

elle said...

Y$ES> This IS going to work wonderfully. Glad you are progressing and had a happy Canada day. right, weather isn't everything!