Friday, August 11, 2017

Section One!

Over the years, I've been a pretty consistent contributor to the annual SAQA Benefit Auction -- and have even purchased a couple of pieces myself.  This year, the Auction will be on while I'm away on a Celtic Quilt Tour in Scotland -- so I won't be tempted (too much) by the pieces, in large part because I generally stay off-line while I travel.

The run-up to the Auction is beginning though, as the "Diamond Day" is September 15.  That's the day when ALL the pieces are available at a price of $1,000 each. Then...the Auction begins in earnest with the first of three sections opening for bid at $750.  The prices decline daily thereafter.

And this year my piece is in Section One!  This section runs from September 18 through 24.

I fly home from Scotland September 28.  I'd love to wake up on the 29th to an e-mail that says someone -- perhaps one of you, my Gentle Readers -- has given my piece a new home and in so doing, has contributed to the proliferation and education of others about the world of art-in-quilts.

And to Camrose to view the Art Walk with my friend, travelling companion and SAQA colleague, Mary Wilton -- who has pieces on exhibit on "the Walk".  I'll leave you with a link up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday and wish you a wonderful weekend!


Norma Schlager said...

It is a terrific piece. Hopefully it will bring a nice price.

Linda A. Miller said...

It is a wonderful piece, Margaret! I have been enjoying watching the direction your new work is taking. Bold and simple. Have a wonderful tour in Scotland!