Monday, August 21, 2017

Layer and Line

In my last post I shouted out that my 2017 SAQA Benefit Auction piece was included in the very first selection of quilts to be offered -- the week of September 18.  I've no idea how the coordinators of the Auction decide which pieces go into which section; for all I know, the selections are entirely random.

What's not random, however, is the selection of six of the pieces for a "Dream Collection".  I really enjoy seeing what others have curated for their online collections and for the past few years have had fun creating my very own.

This year I've entitled my selection Layer and Line, and have stated my inspiration thus:
For the past several months I've been exploring abstraction and dabbling in surface design -- ideas and techniques that took me by surprise.  This collection is composed of pieces that have drawn me to them by their creators' use of layering (or the appearance thereof) and line in abstract images.

Here they order of the artist, listed alphabetically:

To see larger views of these pieces -- and all the others that will be part of this year's Auction -- just visit the SAQA Benefit Auction site and click on the image to enlarge.

Oh...and you can see other Dream Collections HERE.  Maybe you'll be inspired to make your own!  😊

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Judy Warner said...

Great collection, Margaret. All beautiful works.