Friday, November 20, 2015

Fresh from the Sewdio

How lovely it is when I managed to spend the better part of the day in the sewdio!  :-)

I began by working on my EB piece for November, the window extracted from a rather poor shot of York, UK...  I now have the two "stained glass" panels stitched, preparatory to attaching them one to another:

Front & back...
or back & front...

It's one thing to know what one wants to do; it's another to have the courage to do it!  I'll let these sit a wee bit while I ruminate...and work on the minis for Gracie D's Antiques, Collectibles and Giftware here in Mirror.

Both are winter scenes.  One is a reprise of the birdhouse in the snow-trimmed tree.  The other is a new piece...after a fashion.  I liked "Harvest Moon" so much that I've created this one, just finished:

Snowy Evening (c) 2015

The title was inspired by Robert Frost's well-known poem, "Stopping by Woods", long a favourite of mine.

In the midst of its construction, my daughter arrived for a brief visit.  We had a happy time in the studio, talking about all sorts of things -- my work, hers, and what-not -- and she stayed for an early dinner before driving on up the highway to her home in Edmonton.  While here, she watched Pookie watching the birds at the feeder outside the sewdio window, and snapped this with her camera phone:

I just love it!

Enough for today...My cold still lingers -- just enough to drain my energy early.   So...a bit of stitching, a bit of reading and I'll be off to bed.

Some of that reading will be posts from my colleagues over at Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  Won't you join me?


Judy Warner said...

Glad your cold is improving. Love the new mini. Your window panels are a very effective selection of shades. I like them. Waiting to see where you go with it. :)

Sha said...

That photo of Pookie makes me want to translate it to fabric - how mystical and focused it is. Re the stain glass - I find it can be such a challenge to ' take an inspiration and create from it" so I will wait with avid curiosity to see where you go from here. And yes, courage is required when stepping of the familiar pathway - yea you!

Jo Ferguson said...

"Snowy Evening" is beautiful. That's a great shot of Pookie, do I see it making it into your art?

Maggi said...

I'm glad your cold is improving. I like where the 'stained glass' is going and that is a stunning photo of Pookie