Monday, April 27, 2015

Friday Finishes...

On a Monday.

In preparation for my trip to Portland (Oregon) for the SAQA conference, I had to Get Stuff Done! the past few days I not only finished the EB assignment, but also the wedding shawl, my 12" square donation to the 2015 SAQA Benefit Auction April Socks from Stash Challenge socks!

With EB's and the Auction piece finished, I could return my back-up-to-my-back-up sewing machine to its rightful owner.  My Lily 555 is fixed -- it was "just" the timing -- and I'll run in to Red Deer and pick it up after I get time for EB's May assignment!

April Socks from Stash Challenge
Pattern: "Show-off Stranded Socks" by Anne Campbell
Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Colour #414 (discontinued)
Socks in the tree on the edge of the Outdoor Studio this afternoon.  Look, Ma! No more snow!

Yellow Tree (C) 2015
Inspired by "Daddy Played the Banjo",
a Bluegrass song written by
Steve Martin and Gary Scruggs
2015 SAQA Benefit Auction starts online Sept. 18.

Oh...and the dishes, laundry, garbage disposal, dead tree branch trimming and vacuuming are done too.   Can't have C, my Pookie-cat sitter, think I'm a total slob, eh?  ;-)

See you next week.  Have a great one!


What?  You want to know what EB said about the minis?

I blush to quote:
Student 2 made two little miniatures out of her 'new' set of colors.  Lovely delicate color scheme -- all the colors go together beautifully and make the scene fee very peaceful and coherent.  Also very real life sometimes you have to squint and imagine very hard to see such nice colors!!  But the artist's eye...and mind...can always create them.  Very nice!!
I'm sure you can see the flush of delight in my cheeks from where you sit.  If I didn't respect EB's ability to evaluate objectively...I'd be asking, "Are you sure?!"  Even more pleasing to me is an appreciation of the "pretty" and the value of creating peaceful landscapes in an age when so very often those qualities in a given work are no longer considered "art".


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The socks are fabulous. And love the wallhanging, It certainly portrays the song well. Nice work Margaret.

elle said...

OH, Margaret! Well done. Blush away! :)