Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sure is Pretty, Though, Eh?

When a tree [limb] falls in the forest into the empty lot next-door...

Limb broken - Mountain Ash (Rowan)

When I went out to see to my cedar and junipers, I found that my west-side neighbour wasn't the only one with a limb down on a tree.  The Mountain Ash (Rowan) at the East corner of my house had lost a limb too.  It's not a break at the trunk; it broke several inches out.  It'll need to be sawn at the trunk, though, once the snow clears.

So I rescued the evergreens...

Cedar and juniper at front of the house
Some of the mugo pine near the Outdoor Studio

(L) rear: Mountain Ash; (R) front: Cotoneaster
Centre Starring Role: Miss Forsythia

She made it!  Didn't even lose a blossom!

As my neighbour John opined as he went for his saw, "Sure is pretty, though, eh?"

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elle said...

eh! I think so, too!