Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Warm Weather WIPs last!  We're into some Very Warm Weather here right now (with apologies to my friends and/or colleagues in places farther south) -- currently sitting at 25 C (without the breeze, though, it would, according to the Weather Network, feel like 29 C) and forecast to actually reach 30 C (and feel like 34 C) by late tomorrow afternoon.

The Red Door
by Elizabeth Foster
Last winter was so darned long, I'm determined to enjoy it, so got up early for a jog, ate brekky outside, and spent some time there with my coffee and cross-stitch.  Each summer I like to work on a small piece of embroidery that I can finish reasonably quickly and pass on as a wee gift when an occasion arises.  This year it's "The Red Door", one of the "Little Leaf" designs by Elizabeth Foster.  It will finish at about 3" square.  Isn't it sweet?  Being a Certified Cat Person, I couldn't resist...and I will likely pass it on to another CCP.  :-)

"Blessings" Runner - quilted
When it started to get warm, I moved indoors to the sewdio for some quilting.

Having finished and bound the "Blessings" table runner yesterday, I decided to quilt my latest 15 x 15 piece.  It's now ready for its facing, label and sleeve.

This is the first of the three ideas I had for the current theme, "Memories", and is inspired by my faith practice.  As the 'Reveal' is not till July 31/August 1, I'll just give you this wee taste of a quilting detail or two:

After a walk to the Post Office and a light lunch, it was time to tackle what will be my Major WIP of the Summer: painting my kitchen cabinet doors, 2 of my kitchen walls, and having a new counter top installed (flooring later, too, if the budget can handle it!)

Today's First Step?  Removing the first 9 doors for washing with TSP, sanding, priming (outside) and painting.  These will be followed by the 6 below-the-counter doors, but I'm leaving those for as long as possible because those cupboards are at cat's eye level...if you get my drift...

Who knew you  could work up a sweat taking down kitchen cabinet doors?

Posting this to WIP Wednesday over at The Needle and Thread Network...and then...maybe a nap!

P.S. If you follow "Mark on the Body" was up-dated this morning...


Linda A. Miller said...

Ah summer projects! Enjoy your time outside!

Vicki W said...

I'm with you about the weather. No matter how hot it gets I will not complain!

els said...

You're very busy. Enjoy the weather. Good luck with all the painting.

elle said...

I hope the 'weather' has moved on and I can get to my projects. I think sweat is scheduled for the weekend and then it'll be a sauna with all the water laying about! Painting? What colour?

Judy Warner said...

So ambitious! Go Margaret!

Jo Ferguson said...

We've hit the warm, muggy weather here, as well. Like you I said I wouldn't complain about I won't...but "feel like" humidex readings at 38 makes even the running of a sewing machine a sweaty task. Sorry....I'm not complaining. I commend you on your ambitious list, especially the cupboards.