Sunday, July 06, 2014

Of TDF, TSP and Toothbrushes

I was going to quilt yesterday -- really I was.  I have the facing strips for my 15 x 15 piece cut, as well as the pieces for July's "4 x 4" Block of the Month.   After spending the cool, cloudy morning washing 9 kitchen cabinet doors, and scrubbing their "retro" handles, I found the weather had turned sunny and pleasant (not too hot) with just a light breeze -- perfect for sanding said doors as Step Two in my Kitchen Reno Project.

Formerly grimy knobs, soaked in TSP and scrubbed with an old toothbrush

Sanding with my Black & Decker "Mouse" hand-held sander
Isn't it cute?!
The sanding took the better part of the afternoon.  After I changed my clothes and cooled off, I was ready for something different.  I caught up on my daily stitching of "MOB" and then turned my attention to the spinning I want to get done during Ravelry's annual 'Tour de Fleece'.  Faithful readers will recall that I participated in this bout of spinning craziness in 2012 -- and actually got quite a lot of batting spun up into usable yarn (which I have yet to use!).


I have more to use up, and I've decided I don't want to save it all for needle felting.

Quite a bit of it is labelled 'Shetland' -- one purchased package of roving (far left) two bags of batting that I prepared myself from a Shetland fleece I bought a few years ago (centre two bags) and some off-white batting of unidentified breed (right side of photo) that I was given by my friend B in Calgary.  (She's a wet felter but didn't have time, space or opportunity to use it.)  I've begun with the Shetland and will spin it all up before turning to the Unidentified Breed.

Today after church I went weeding again at my sister's cottage garden, as she can't get up there till after the Calgary Stampede is over (she's working double and triple hours as Marketing Director of the Ranchmans Cookhouse and Dance Hall, Calgary's only genuine western night-spot)...

Sis grows the finest chickweed this side of the Rocky Mountains! LOL!  In two sessions -- 4 hours on Monday and 2 more today, I've managed to locate her veggies at last.  :-)


Now it's time to enjoy the evening -- a little supper, a sip or two of wine, and some spinning in the Outdoor Studio!  Have a great week, everyone!

(P.S. Because I still can, I'm squeaking this into Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday for July 4!)


Jan Wilkinson said...

wow.... What ambition... i was tired just reading your accomplishments!!!
I am really going to maje an effort to come see you in the fall. I have aleays wanted to see someine spinning wool.
Excuse the typos does not want to let me correct. Ugh...
What a difference you made in that garden... Fantastic!!

elle said...

Nice work. Great knobs! I have the same sander and lots of chickweed!

Judy Warner said...

That was a lot of weeding! Any time you want to stop by.....I was outside doing lots of yard work this weekend but nothing that impressive.

Hope the spinning goes well.

Kathie Briggs said...

Those vintage cabinet knobs are really nice. Looking forward to photos of the kitchen re-do.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Never a dull moment! What a lucky sis you have-that is real dedication. Love those handles-imagine those trapunto'd on a wholecloth....

Jo Ferguson said...

You definitely worked for your supper. I hope you got to enjoy your sip of wine and a little spinning in the evening.