Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finally Caught Up (for now)

A couple of my cyber-friends have complained because I haven't been posting much.  Even my last two posts, almost back-to-back, were sort of "non-posts" when it came to my work (as in, I didn't mention it).

I just checked, and my last "real" post was two weeks ago.  Two weeks.  Goodness!  Where have I been?  What have I been up to?  In the years (decades, even) of my life before the Internet, none of you would have cared.  I wouldn't have known most of you.  Maybe even now, that's the case -- but I enjoy sharing with whoever is out there paying attention...


Since that last post, I took a piece from inspirational photo through this process:

Affirming the Lay-out
Stitching the Harrow with Water-soluble Stabilizer

Harrow Stitched

Stabilizer Dissolved

Thread Auditions

Field Hand-stitched

Gulls hand-stitched
Today I faced the piece, and by June 14, when it makes its first public debut at the Stettler Art Walk, the sleeve and label will be attached.  Meanwhile, the photo has been sent to the 15 x 15 Group for our latest theme, "Nature" -- and within a few days, all shall be revealed.  Stay tuned!  :-)

In addition, I've been out in the garden -- edging, weeding, waging war on dandelions (I like neither their greens nor their wine), planting, mowing, cleaning (my car), "summerizing" my car (replacing winter with summer tires), etc.  

And I've had my SAQA Co-Rep hat on, posting about events, keeping tabs on a workshop scheduled for September, writing articles for and drafting a Regional newsletter, researching the creation of small groups within the Region, and like that...

Oh.  And knitting for my Eastern cousins' first grandbaby -- and today's WIP:

Pattern from River City Yarns, Edmonton.  Yarn: (L) Left-over Paton's 'Stretch Socks'; (Centre) Left-over Regia 4-fatig sock yarn in 'Canadiana Color' (spelled the non-Canadian way); and (R) Left-over I-Have-No-Idea sock yarn.  

Tomorrow is the 6-month anniversary of Mark on the Body.  As I work in The Shop tomorrow, a post will follow on Friday. 

Meanwhile, I'm linking up (for the first time in quite a while) to The Needle and Thread might want to drop by and see who else is there.  'Bye for now!


elle said...

Your farm field is so accurate! Wonderful! And the wee socks! :) I'm nodding and agreeing that yes, there are people who care and want to know where we are and what we are doing!!! :)

Kate said...

Love your tiny socks. I have made some and they are well loved by the new parents. They stay on much better than booties. I am sure they will be well received.

Linda said...

Your photos are very inspirational! I would love to be able to make something like this. Those little socks are just the cutest!

Judy Warner said...

Glad to read your update. Figured you were out in the yard enjoying summer. :)

Linda A. Miller said...

Love your new work... time does get away doesn't it? And that is OK. But thanks for thinking of us, your cyber connections.

Jo Ferguson said...

I love seeing your process. It's fascinating. It's a beautiful piece. The knitted socks are simply adorable.