Wednesday, April 30, 2014


OPI = Other People's Instructions...and that's where I go to get a break from weeks/months of creating original designs.  I don't know if other artists do this, but I came to art belatedly, with a very powerful Left Brain, which means that my brain needs a rest in between projects.  Following the Lacombe Show there has been the predictable Post-show Slump -- deeper and darker this year because of the lack of sales.  Yard work, sunshine, extra sleep (yes, Jo!), knitting and quilting using OPI are helping to bring me out of it.

Today I

  • slept in;
  • did the dishes (I have no dishwasher);
  • crawled under the house to check the pipes and found the likely source of freezing this past winter;
  • finished raking all yards;
  • hauled the bench outside for my Outdoor Studio
  • washed the kitchen floor;
  • printed a couple of inspirational photos for the next 15 x 15 challenge -- 'Nature' -- and maybe for the 2014 SAQA Benefit Auction;
  • updated the Mark on the Body blog;
  • knit some on an infinity scarf;
  • finished a cozy mystery; and
  • made two traditional blocks using OPI...
The entire project is called "Four by Four" and it was kitted out with a Christmas fabric theme.  I collected the patterns and fabric some years ago at a favourite LQS in Calgary (now closed).  It's one of three that I discovered in a drawer over a year ago and am making up in case I need a small top for something.  In the photo, the April block is on the top ("Bear's Tracks") and the May block, on the bottom ("Ducks & Duckling"):

The April block was a toughie because the background fabric is a lighter weight than the rest and with all those pieces there was some 'bowing' out of the edges.  The May block went together much more smoothly.  Oh -- in case you're wondering -- I did May's block today to get it finished because...well...I have a lot to do in May, won't be home much in the next ten's just like that.  Life.

That's all the news that's fit to print (at the moment) from my little corner of the universe...Have a great week!


elle said...

ah, The Slump. Looks like you have a nice curvy slope happening to get ya up the other side! Happy May!

Jo Ferguson said...

Hey....I don't have a dishwasher either, and people think I'm nuts. But that might not be because of the dishwasher... Enjoy your down time. It's good for the artistic soul.

Lesley Turner said...

ah, sounds as though you now have spring fever.