Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Home from Away

And still coming out from under...

This past weekend I was in Edmonton -- for my son's second post-secondary graduation, this time with his Diploma in Digital Media and Information Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

Hi Mom!

After the ceremonies, and before the evening celebrations, I spent part of the afternoon downtown at the Alberta Craft Council's shop and galleries.  SAQA colleague, Margie Davidson, who is a great inspiration to me, has pieces in three exhibits right now and I was able to take in most of two of them.

The first -- her solo show, "Measuring a Year" -- is on at the McMullen Gallery, which is part of the University of Alberta Hospital complex -- until May 11.  This building was a brisk walk across from the Jubilee Auditorium where we'd been to the graduation ceremonies, so my daughter and I thought we'd take it in.  Alas, the gallery was closed...we were only able to press our noses against the glass.

I'd been able to see this exhibit before -- at the Alberta Craft Council's Feature Gallery (scroll down) -- but it was interesting to note how differently it was laid out in the McMullen's space:

Please note that the quality of the photo is tempered by the glass through which I was taking it!

On to the Alberta Craft Council shop and galleries, where Margie is also part of a group exhibit, entitled "Furnish", in the Feature Gallery:

Exhibit Dates: April 5 - July 5, 2014
This exhibit is a jewel.  The work is exquisitely created and arranged; every piece is a treasure.  The post-card blurb reads in part:

The desire to furnish one's home goes beyond the mere practical.  We seek comfort, beauty, meaning and individuality along with function...
Many craft artists work towards objects that will be used and loved daily.  Designed to encourage customers to buy and collect local hand-crafted furnishings and accessories for their homes, this exhibition features over 50 pieces by 21 [ACC] members.

Included in the exhibit is fine furniture -- chairs, tables, lamps -- and textile accessories, such as these:

Diane Krys - Bowls

Diane Krys - Cat's Paw Cushions

Gail Hunt - Footstool

Gail Hunt - Footstool Top

Linda McBain Cuyler - Thread Painting

Margie Davidson - Hanging - "Ferns with Grid"

Margie Davidson - Printed Cushions

Rachelle LeBlanc - Hooked baskets
(L) "The Gathering"; (R) "The Red Scarf"

If you can't get over to the Alberta Craft Council to see these pieces "up close and personal", I encourage you to view the exhibit online.

The third exhibit of which Margie is a part is one I've already described -- "Western Threads" -- over at the Royal Alberta Museum (also in Edmonton) until August 4.  Another one worth a visit!

As for what I'm up to now...that will have to wait.  The end of this week is taken up with work at The Shop and three days in Calgary.  I'll have my SAQA Western Canada Co-Rep hat on for Friday morning, when I get to drop in to St. Albert the Great Junior High School to document an Artists' Visit by two of our members, to the "Art 7" class,  in connection with The Burgess Shale exhibit, currently on exhibit at the school -- through May 14.  Word has it the art class they're visiting will be working on fabric postcards.  I'm hoping to get some photos of the results for the SAQA WC blog...stay tuned!


Judy Warner said...

Love seeing your son! Great that you got to fit some 'art' into your weekend too.

Jo Ferguson said...

Congratulations to your son, for graduating. Thanks for the photos of amazing fibre art. I'll be taking a stroll through the exhibit online.