Saturday, March 01, 2014

On and Off My Wall I've borrowed from the title of a column I've been trying to kick-start over at the SAQA Western Canada blog...

But it's an accurate description of what's been going on 'round here the past few days.  I've been working steadily, and have some things on and some things off my (design) wall to show for it.  :-)

First off, I'm really pleased at how my painted version of "A Walk in the Woods" turned out:

Winter Woods (C) 2014 - 11.5" W x 15.5" L
Winter Woods -Detail (C) 2014

Then there's MOB...which has been kept up for the third month in a row.  It's time to rotate more of the 'marks'...Intentionality is the key.

And...the piece on roses (specifically, the Glasgow Rose) is at last being translated into fabric.  I've begun by piecing the background in a subtle 9-patch grid, in keeping with Charles Rennie Mackintosh's fondness for squares and trellises.  For this, I've used a combination of my own hand-dyed fabric and some commercial fabric, all cotton:

Each block is 9 1/2" square, which means the background should finish at 27" square -- before shrinkage for quilting.  The next step?  Make a 'mock  block' to sample the cut-away applique I want to use for the roses. 'Tis far, far better to take the time to sample, rather than ruin an entire background with a misplaced idea.  This sentiment, coming from someone who, when she knits, almost never makes a 'swatch', gives you an idea of how dear this project is to my heart!

This evening I'm going to relax with my knitting and some jazz on CBC 2...but for now I'll direct you to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday", the perfect antidote to a Wind Chill Warning!  :-)


Jo Ferguson said...

I love the bit of embellishment, with beads and stitches, that you did on walk in the woods. It really sets it off. I actually had to enlarge the pic of your 9 patch grid. It looked like you wove the fabric together. What a great effect.

Judy Warner said...

I love how Winter Woods turned out too. And I love the green background you have created for Glasgow Rose.
Hope it is starting to warm up!