Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Note From Home

Yes, indeed!  For the first time in almost two weeks, I'm typing this on my own laptop's keyboard at my own desk in my own home!   My "baby" arrived yesterday afternoon, safe and sound -- and with her, carefully encased in bubble wrap, preserved for posterity...was the broken hard drive.  All I can say is...

  • To Sanjeev at Dell Support who did the diagnostics and started the repair process;
  • To the Dell-certified Technicians for their prompt service;
  • To Dan at Dan's Computers in Stettler for giving me peace of mind about the fate of lost data;
  • To Hanisha at Dell Support for processing my extended warranty;
  • To Purolator and UPS for their careful shipping;
  • To Anuradha at MicroSoft for helping me to re-install and activate MS Office 2013;
  • To Terrie, Laura, Cindy and Devin at the Alix and Bashaw Public Libraries for their cheerful, helpful service with their computers and printers;
  • To my kids, Gina and Marty, for offering a spare laptop and for having saved my old files on an external hard drive; and
  • To all my friends locally and across cyberspace for your ongoing understanding, patience, encouragement and support.
Love y'all!


Kathie Briggs said...

A happy day for you.

Jo Ferguson said...

Welcome Back!!

elle said...

woo Hoo!

Judy Warner said...

Welcome back!!!!