Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Bit Behind...

The 15th Annual Lacombe Art Show and Sale opens in just over 3 weeks, and if I'm going to enter my "roses" piece in anything, I have about the same amount of time to finish it...So posts will be farther apart for the next while, even though I no longer have to travel miles to a library to do them!

Miniatures are flying out of my sewdio these days.  Here are two of the latest:

Boot Dance - (C) 2014

For Sale - (C) 2014

Because the above photo is a tad blurry -- here's a detail shot:

For Sale - detail

Yesterday I finished two more -- but have yet to photograph -- and two more are sitting on my cutting table as I type, waiting for me to get at 'em...

But not before I leave you with a taste of the roses, blooming despite the persistence of two or three feet of snow outside! 

Roses...stitching detail...
It's too early to link to WIP Wednesday over at The Needle and Thread Network...so I'll just say "see you later".  Have a great day!  :-)

P.S. For those interested, "Mark on the Body" has been updated.  Thank you for your support!


Micaela Fitzsimmons said...

Margaret, I really love the work you're doing these days. It's so fresh and lovely - gentle and thoughtful. Truly beautiful work.

Judy Warner said...

Go for it, Margaret. You are on a roll! I love your miniatures and always appreciate I glimpse at your roses.

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm loving your miniatures. You're so good with the details and that's what brings them to life. What a wonderful colour for the rose. I can't wait to see the next sneak peek.