Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doing the Math.

   365                                       365                                  365
  x 46                                        x 7                                 x 20
  2190                                    2555 + 1 = 2,556              7,300 + 5 @ 2/day = 7.305
1460                                                                                                             x   2
16790 + 10 = 16,800              17,021    17,021           9,716                         14,610 marks
                       + 221             +2,556    - 7,305       +14,610
                     17,021             19,577      9,716          24,326              984 days
                                                                             + 2,556          26,882/984 = 28 marks/day
                                                                              26,882 marks

...for a new piece, the kind of piece I rarely do: a statement piece.  By my calculations, it will take just under 3 years.  It will be marks on mostly whole-cloth, I think, and it could be quite large.  I've a starting date just over 2 months away, so time to plan fabric, threads, colours.  It will be done largely by hand, inspired by the mark-making of Judith Martin.  And her time-keeping.  And the time-keeping of my SAQA colleague, Margie Davidson.  Thanks to their work, I think I have found a way to make a statement with light and beauty.  We shall see.

Working title: Mark on the Body.

Stay tuned.


Micaela Fitzsimmons said...

Margaret, This is such an wonderful inspiring idea. I wish you all the best in its journey and in the mystery of the results. I have longed to do something that requires the discipline and contemplative core of such a project.
I didn't know Margie Davidson's work, so I thank you for bringing her to my attention. Judith Martin... I love!

Peggy said...

Love Judy Martin's work and can't wait to see what you do. Love the idea of marking one's journey.

arlee said...

you go, you start, you keep going

Dolores said...

Good luck. I'm not a math person - I prefer words.
However, your words have given me inspiration and an idea. Thanks.

Linda A. Miller said...

OOO...looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Giddings Art said...

This sounds very interesting! Looking forward to following your progress!

Judy Warner said...

I will look forward to your blogs!