Sunday, September 22, 2013

When One Week Ends...

another begins.  Such is the way of the world -- including the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction!

There is still time to get some interesting, innovative and beautiful artwork, for not much money. The pieces on Pages 2a and 2b are available till 1:59 p.m. Eastern Time today (Sept. 22).

My piece is part of the group that goes up tomorrow -- Sept. 23 -- at 2 p.m. Eastern time; it's the last group in the auction, and when it's's over for another year.  So...put in your bid and take home something special for your collection, or as a gift for that special someone who loves art!

Wonder - (C) 2013
Auction Catalogue - Page 3b


Giddings Art said...

Your piece is beautiful! I'm sure it will go fast.

Judy Warner said...

I am going to be watching, Margaret. I love your design and choices.