Sunday, April 07, 2013

Odds and Ends...and the Red Deer Quilt Show

The ends, literally, belong to my knitted sleeveless turtleneck top.  I spent the early part of today listening to Bach and sewing them in left, right and centre.  It was the perfect activity, as the latest snow-freezing rain session (last evening and overnight) made the roads too nasty for travelling into town to church.  Sigh.   As someone on Facebook pointed out today, "It's a lovely Winter we're having this Spring."  Maybe we've all stumbled into Narnia.  Perish the thought!

And the odds?

Friday, I finished dyeing the last of the 50 metres (!) of silk ribbon that arrived on Tuesday from Dharma. Who knew one could use it up so quickly?  Never mind.  I have enough to get me started (and perhaps finished, if I am discerning) with "Waiting for the Train" (the grasses and cat-tails):

"Waiting for the Ribbon Train"

Also on Friday I finished beading 'Wonder'.  That said, the piece is not  There's a wee bit of seed stitch to be added.  Here are a few shots:

Beading Detail 1

Beading Detail 2

Beading Detail 3

Beading Detail 4

Seed Stitch Started
I'll be working on seed stitch this evening as I watch a re-run of....something.  :-)

Yesterday was almost entirely taken up by the Central Alberta Quilters' Guild Show at Westerner Park in Red Deer.  A bit smaller than last year (my favourite vendor, the fellow from Copperfield's Books, apparently took ill on his way to the venue and had to cancel!  We are all praying it's nothing serious!!), I found less to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over, and (believe it or not) I came away without purchasing anything!  There was one merchant whose wares I will definitely be exploring more closely for a future project, though: the wool-dyed cottons etc of "A Threaded Needle", which specializes in Japanese-style handwork and sashiko.  The books, samples and supplies she carries make my mouth water!

Here were the pieces in the show that tickled my fancy:

First, prize-winner Mary Vanson:

"Been There, Done That #4" by Mary Vanson
Another by Ms. Vanson -- "Been There, Done That, #?"
In her Artist's Statement for "Been There, Done That", Ms. Vanson, who is from Red Deer, wrote, "This si #4 in a five-part series of "Been There, Done That".  Hand appliqued, quilted pictures of some of our 'Excellent Adventures' across Canada and in Costa Rica".  Great fun!

"Hearts" - Wendy Greber
Believe it or not, Ms. Greber did this as a practice sample!!

Another prize-winner, this one from Chris Sisson -- exquisite applique, machine quilted by Cheryl Whitten:

Rminiscence - Chris Sisson & Cheryl Witten
The blanket stitch on the above quilt is all hand-done.

Outside the prize-winners, my pick for 'Viewer's Choice' is this one:  'Star of Mexico', made by Debbie Becker Mathie of Innisfail, Alberta and quilted by Karen's Quilts.  Believe it or not, Ms. Mathie made it in "five long days" and adapted it from wall-hanging to medium-sized bed quilt!

Star of Mexico - Debbie Becker Mathie & Karen's Quilts
"Star of Mexico" Detail
It should come as no surprise to you that I'm attracted to pieces with trees, and there was one lovely one this year - an original design based on photos taken near the artist's home:

Winter Silence - Cathie MacDonald
And yes, there were some hexies!  This piece was actually part of a display honouring the memory of a member of the Central Alberta Quilt Guild who'd died in 2012, Mary Ann Raivio:

In addition to the flower garden-style quilt, there were several other examples of Ms. Raivio's work, including this charming red-work piece:

I find it a comforting thought that wherever there are groups, associations or gatherings of textile artists, there will be people who will find a way to preserve, treasure and honour the work of those who have gone before, expressly for the enjoyment and enlightenment of those who come after.


elle said...

Lots of good stuff to look at. Wonder is well, wonderful. Luv the beading. Narnia? Spring there did come!!! lol SNOWING here!

California Fiber artist and composer said...

I love the colours you dyed for the silk ribbon. And the winter tree quilt from the show was gorgeous.

Judy Warner said...

Your beading looks wonderful!

Cathy Tomm said...

Great looking beading. Love the new silk threads you have. 50m not enough, you should have gotten more. I missed the Red Deer show. I had planned to go Friday and decided the roads were not good enough or could get worse later in the day. Saturday I had a dog Trial. Copperfields is from Winnipeg, so many the drive was not good and he canceled. I was looking forward to see his booth. Thanks For show some other great work at the show.

Regina B Dunn said...

I love the blue you have used in Wonder and the beading detail really enhances it.