Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Some days everything you do is  underpinning for your work, rather than actual stitching.  Today was one of those days.  Here's the litany of little things done today to keep things moving:

  • Banking: checked seldom-used back-up credit cards in light of pending trip to Santa Fe.  One worked; one didn't.  Necessitated phone conversations with 3 different people and an unplanned trip into town (50+ miles round trip) to bank in question. All sorted out now.  Phew!
  • While in town bought packaging materials not available in hamlet's post office.  
  • Hair cut!
  • Two libraries; two different errands.
  • Wrapped gifts being taken to Santa Fe.
  • Put said gifts in suitcase designated for Santa Fe.
  • Prepared recently sold piece for shipping: assembled dowel/eye-hooks, wrapped, wrote out care instructions, printed invoice, packed with business card...etc.  Used some of above-mentioned packaging.
  • Constructed sleeve for "Wonder".
  • Steamed and blocked "Wonder".
  • Updated private blog for a SAQA Western Canada project currently under-way.
And there's where today went.


Judy Warner said...

Sounds like you are far more ready for Santa Fe than I will ever be!

Darlene said...

Thanks, Marg :)