Friday, April 12, 2013

Are We There Yet?

I don't know how other artists do it.  Have shows one after another, that is.  Maybe they have staff.  :-)  I've entered only one per year -- and for only three years -- but it's preoccupying me so completely that it's been haunting my dreams. I wake up making lists, and fussing -- and hoping I can pull it all off.  Even though I know my daughter will be here to help me that weekend, it's the before stuff that's been filling those lists. I think I'm keeping up but also hope I don't forget anything!

Meanwhile, "Wonder" has its sleeve, and has been wrapped for the trip to Santa Fe.  Here's what it looked like in one last photo, hanging on my living room wall the other evening:

I'm quite happy to let SAQA take its own photograph for the online auction.  :-)  That blue-on-white-with-metallic-thread-and-beads is one heckuva thing to shoot, especially for a 'point-and-click' person like me!

The price list is finished and all pieces packed and priced, with artist's statement and a post-card enclosed -- except for "Waiting for the Train", which may or may not make it in time.

I managed to get the sky and water quilted:

Then I began adding that silk ribbon I dyed last week:

I've got quite a section of long bull-rushes added since that photo was taken -- enough to know that I had to add in the puddle of water and the glimpse of a bush on the right, both in the original photo, in order to give the piece better balance.

See what I mean?  
That's done now, and I'm back to the embroidery, which includes cotton floss accents along with 3 colours of silk ribbon (so far).  I like the way it's progressing, but it seems to be taking forever.

The weather forecast is for 5-15 cm wet snow between later this evening and tomorrow evening, so perhaps an April Snow Day is just what I need to keep me plugging away and 'git-er-dun'.

OH!  And I almost forgot (again)!  Thanks to arlee for keeping me on the path of the New Moon and the TUSAL 2013.  Here's how my Ort Jar looked on April 10:

Whoa!  If you compare it to last month, you'll see I've been working hard!

And another OH!  Here's the finished sleeveless turtleneck top -- which now needs a wash so it'll be ready for Santa Fe:

I'm linking this up to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday; seeing what others are up to is like getting a cyber-hug and reassurance that "All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well".  Have a great weekend!


Linda A. Miller said...

Congratulations on getting it together for your show! Like the idea of the ort jar...I save cuttings, stored by my sewing machine, that are used in my fiber bowls. They might not make it to a new moon.

Nina Marie said...

ohhh you are busy!! and yes handwork does take forever - its NOT your imagination. Still its coming great!

Jennifer said...

You're efforts and work ethic is truly inspiring - don't be so hard on yourself. Not only have you created work for the show, but you volunteer with SAQA, make many giftees for others, knit up a storm, embroider ... To me, in your blogisphere ... it looks like you're having great fun. Isn't that what's all about?

Thanks for all you do for us all.