Friday, March 22, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Though my week got off to a slow start, I'm having a great finish!

First, the Big News:  the application Gina and I made for a shared booth at "Encore: 14th Annual Art Sale & Celebration of Creative Expression" in Lacombe (April 19-21) has been accepted!  Now the work gets underway to finish the miniatures, order packaging, finish the price list, prepare remaining dowels for hanging, label the pieces etc.  Yay!

And on that front, I've made progress with the miniatures:

1. "Pristine" is finished and matted:

2. And "Vespers II" is coming along.  I say that because...I finished it once, and had second thoughts:

As my mother would have said, there was just too much of a muchness in that pink sky!  So...

A bit of oil paint voila!  (The mat in the above photo is just perching on the piece; I have to wait another day or so for it to dry so I can heat set it and apply the matt properly.)

3. Two more are prepped -- that is, their backgrounds are in place.  First, a reprise of "Prairie Autumn" (the one I sold) with some slightly different fabric...

And then a new one, which will be called "Can You Hear Me Now?"  ;-)

Aside from the miniatures I went back to "Waiting for the Train" and added a few features yesterday.

You can tell by my attempt at graffiti that I never would have made it in the big leagues!  ;-)

Next up: the quilting, followed by the hand embroidery.  Dharma has charged my order to my credit card, which means -- I hope -- that they've shipped it, so I may just have the silk ribbon in time to dye it and stitch in those grasses and bull rushes and get it finished for the show.  Fingers crossed!

Linking this up with Nina Marie's "Off the Wall" Friday...and then I'm off to the studio.  Have a great weekend!


Regina B Dunn said...

I like the new sky in Vespers II. It goes very well with the piece. I often reach for the oil sticks, also, to fix things later. They are very versatile. They have become one of my favorite tools. I like the hills in your new one, Can You Hear Me Now, It's a very pleasing arrangement.

Judy Warner said...

Congratulations, Margaret. Your landscapes will be a real hit!

bohemiannie! art said...

These are awesome pieces! Your sky does look better! Congrats on the upcoming event!

Nina Marie said...

Congrats Congrats - plus I really like the idea of making smaller pieces of art - you can really play with composition in an easy way plus it makes it easier to sell!

Wil said...

Love the graffiti on the train!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Congrats on being in the show! I like the new sky in Vespers too and I love your Mother's expression "there's too muchness" in there!

jeanne hewell-chambers said...

Congratulations! These miniatures are beautiful.