Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Creature of Habit

Almost every Monday, I spend the day away from the house at a series of commitments in the small city of Lacombe, about 26 miles west of my home.  And almost every Tuesday, I play 'catch-up', fighting distraction, and try to resume my routine of computer/studio/fitness time.

When I go away, as I did this past weekend, this adds to my Tuesday challenge.  I don't want to leave the house.  I'm easily lead astray by all the e-mails and posts I "have" to read, and I struggle to get into the sewdio.

This morning has flown by, but at least, with this post, I'll be somewhat caught up, at least to my own satisfaction, and be able to get a good 2-3 hours of sewdio time in before a mid-afternoon jog (currently when it's warmest and sunniest -- a balmy -2 Celcius is promised between 2 and 5 p.m. today.  In the summer, I jog in the early a.m when it's coolest...).

So far today I have:

  • Read my back-log of e-mails and blog posts;
  • Responded to those which needed responses;
  • Printed off inspiration photos for two minis on which to begin work this afternoon.  (Yesterday I managed to find 4 suitable rectangular 8" x 10" matts in assorted colours, to go with the 2 white and one caramel one I have left, so at last I feel I can move forward with these again.) and
  • Booked my trip 'home' to SW Quebec for five days (includes travel) in June.  It's been five years; it is time.  (WestJet was having a seat sale.  Whoo hoo!)

In my Sunday morning post I described my lovely evening at 'Hope and Harmony' and some of the thoughts that arose out of attending the event.

I touched briefly on the fact that on the way in to Edmonton on Saturday I'd stopped at Lori's Country Cottage.  Fondling the fabric brought a sense of calm after the treacherous exit off Highway 21 onto a cloverleaf ramp that was partially blocked by a tow-truck being hitched to a car that had clearly not slowed enough for the icy conditions.  Blessedly I -- along with the two vehicles immediately behind me -- was able to crawl gently past the scene and carefully around the 'leaf' onto Highway 14 West to Edmonton -- which, alas, wasn't much better condition-wise.

So fondle fabric I did -- and picked up a couple of bottles of Sythrapol (I was running low), and a few fat quarters for my landscapes:

Yes, I often use hand-dyes, but with so many commercial fabrics that can say what I want to say, I use them too.  Won't these make great fields, roads and wintry bushes?

The other thing I did at Lori's was my main reason for going there: I signed up for the May 21 evening Trunk Show with quilter and embroiderer, Lynnette Anderson.  She has a cozy country style of work that I enjoy, though I neither emulate it in my own work nor do I include it -- or much of it, anyway -- in my home's decor.  I think it will be a fun evening out, and it will satisfy my occasional 'itch' for gentle, simple, pretty stitchery and quilting.

Now...to clear away the dishes, walk out for the mail, and get sewing!

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besshaile said...

Just wanted to let you know how utterly happy and at peace I am by looking at the colors and stitches in the fabric you've used as the background to this blog.

Thank you for a moment or two of bliss. ahh