Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fresh Out of the Dryer

The four main fabrics for my version of Bonnie Hunter's next pieced mystery quilt, "Easy Street".  Sandy's got hers posted, so I figured I'd better hop to it!

As Bonnie suggested, I 'shopped my stash' for all the colours except the green.  That's one metre, and I bought it Saturday at Carolyn's Homespun Seasons, my fave quilt shop in Stettler.  (My friend A suggested I go with orange, but I wanted to cool those hot pinks off a bit, so I went with green.)  Washed 'em up yesterday, along with these:

My background fabrics.  I really want to use the funky print on the bottom of that stack.  For one thing, it's what I have most of.  I got it in a donation of fabrics a year or more ago and kept it, thinking I could back something with it, but now I'm thinking it just might be fun cut up for background.  it has some pinky-red in it, and a touch of the green, too.

Most of these are fabrics I've had for ages, that just won't be making their way into my artwork any time soon. Some are left-overs from other projects -- off-cuts and excesses, like a chunk of purple I used to back a purple and red wedding quilt for friends of my daughter's who married in 2006.   The nice thing about working them into a mystery quilt top is that I'll begin with the ones I'm least likely to use elsewhere, and go from there.

I'm using my participation in the mystery quilt-along as 'break time' when my work on my C&G Final Assessment Piece gets bogged, or threatens to make my brain explode during the final design process.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow for all my American friends...I'm thankful you're part of my stitching treasures!


arlee said...

OOOOOOOOO i like that bottom background fabric too--FUNky!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Love all those fabrics! Thank you for the well wishes for Thanksgiving!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Here we are again looking forward to Bonnie's Mystery. I have my fabrics all ready and am eager to get started. Can't wait to view your progress.