Monday, February 06, 2012

Kinda Neat...

That my quilty associate, Cathy, and I seem to be on the computer -- reading and posting -- at just about the same time every day.  That makes me smile!

She -- and her work -- has been just one of the people I've gotten to know a bit (better) via the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt project and its regular Monday link-ups.  Today is the final link-up, and it's fun to see what the other quilters have done with their tops (or TIPs -- Tops In Progress)!  It's also inspiring and interesting to see what others have done to interpret the pattern via colour(s), or the border(s).  I stuck to the black-white-blue-red combo because I love those colours and have (yes...still have) a good amount of them in my fabric stash and scraps.  However, I did do a couple of wee things with the borders: I used black (instead of white) for the inner border, and I inserted my left-over blue strippy squares into the top and bottom borders instead of making more quarter-square triangles to fit.

Now the top is resting until I can a) finish cleaning up my studio from the explosion of scraps generated during the project; b) figure out what I have on hand for backing and batting; and c) finish taking my online class on "Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine", taught by Ann Petersen over at (Totally worth the price of admission -- and it's currently being offered at a discount! And no, they didn't pay me to mention this!)

In addition to studio sorting, I have continued to stitch.  :-)  Once again it's time to post my block for the Crazy Quilt Project and TAST Week 5 -- Herringbone Stitch.  Unlike the stitch for Week 4, I really enjoyed this one.    The tie I managed to pick from my stash (remember, I dig into that drawer with my eyes closed.  Honest.) was a pretty one, too.  Here's the block and a couple of detail photos:

CQJP - February 2012

Detail 1

Detail 2

Now I must dash -- it's Monday, and I'm due to spend the rest of the day (as usual) in Lacombe.  Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Nice update. Michelle from knitting asked how you are doing...

Judy Martin said...

Beautiful stitching, Margaret.