Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That's *Cretan* -- NOT 'Cretin'!

Or is it?!  Gosh, I had trouble with the Cretan stitch for TAST Week 4!

In the end, I persevered -- with not one, not two but all three stitch reference books open at one time or another.  I managed to get the hang of the 'closed Cretan' far more easily than the open version.  I even tried "Raised Cretan".  Sigh.  In the end I tried to unify the sampler with flowers and beads, repeated in the lace trim at the bottom.  I added a spider too; can you see him?  I don't like spiders much, and don't like this block much.  Seeing as spiders are popular embellishments for crazy quilt blocks, I decided he and this block deserved each other!

Week Five begins today with Herringbone stitch, which I much prefer.  :-)

In the Orca Bay, the inner borders are on, and pieced borders have been sewn to each side.  Here's a peek at how it's shaping up.  What amazes me is that the pieced border fit exactly.  Wow.  How'd I manage that?!


Susan said...

I do not like the Cretan stitch, Sam I Am! But it's part of TAST, so I did a little bit on my CQJP Jan. block. =P

Yours looks fine and the bit around the block really compliments the straight line. I like how you brought the colors together by using the beads on the lace, too. Well done!


Gina E. said...

LOL!! When I first learned this stitch I also called it 'cretin' stitch because I had so much trouble with it! I finally found a book that showed how to work it in very easy diagrams, and although I don't fear it quite as much, I still need to have that book in front of me every time I plan to use that stitch.