Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lest You Think I've Been Idle...

Here's some visual evidence of activity in the 3F studio:

I've been commissioned to make a pair of 'Non-felted Slippers' (the pattern, by Yuko Nakamura, is a freebie on Ravelry) -- out of alpaca (!) because the recipient can't wear wool next to her skin.  The only stuff I hand on hand (and yes, I'm using stash yarn) I bought ages ago from, once with a sweater in mind, so it's DK (double-knitting) weight.  This means I'm using 2 strands together to make these chunky-weight slippers.  Pictured is Slipper #1, almost finished, and I think it's turned out quite well.

While waiting for help from Ravelry on the pattern (short rows required were not explicitly stated in the pattern, so I am grateful to the clarification from two knitting buddies!), I worked on my Cable Rib Sock, and managed to finish the heel.   This Jawol yarn is fine -- there are 32 rows in that heel flap!

Drifting along on Orca Bay...I finally assembled 4 dozen pair of border blocks.  Here they are piled, awaiting pressing.  Today, they'll be fully assembled, and a border created!
 the C&G alcove of the studio, I finished Activities 12 and 13 of Module 5.  These assignments were all about contrast and scale when designing, using the example of a Star-in-a-Star block.

First, we worked some samples in our sketchbooks, using collage techniques.  Tracing the pattern for the block on the back of paper I'd created in an earlier module, and cutting out the pieces, enables the creation of a pair of blocks, thus.

Collaged Block 1
Collaged Block 2

Collaged Block 4
Collaged Block 3

Next we combined colouring with collage to create a third pair of blocks, to see the effects.

Collaged Block 5
Collaged Block 6

And finally, we were required to create a block in fabric, based on one of our collages.  My points, alas, aren't particularly sharp.  I used a very light-weight scrap from stash for the background; my green hand-dyed fabric wasn't much heavier. Both were hard to work with versus the black scrap, which was, of course, heaviest. I coped by adding Mary Ellen's Best Press and pressing fiercely!


Linda A. Miller said...

Lovely blocks, Margaret. Looks like a fun knitting project. I have only just joined Ravelry myself...

Susan said...

Okay, is there anything you don't do? LOL. You are involved in so many stitch projects, and I'm impressed you find the time. They are all well done. Love the block you made. Green, any green at all, is my favorite color!