Friday, January 27, 2012

My Son's Dream

BFA (Dramatic Arts) - 2008
Is to spend a year teaching English in Japan with the JET Programme.   He sent his application in December, and has just now received an appointment for an interview.  I don't know when it is, but if he's successful, he'll go into training in the spring and be away mid-summer, I believe.  The blessing is that he is receiving the full support of  his employer -- the Cheesecake Cafe in Lethbridge -- where he's worked for over four years now, paying his bills and acting/doing improv on the side.  Stay tuned for news!

PS. January 28-2012:  The interview is Feb. 23 in Calgary (a 3-hour drive from his home in Lethbridge.  It's 'make it or break it' then -- he'll either be chosen, or not....Roll on February -- and good weather for driving, please!


Suzanna said...

Good luck to him!

jude said...

hey ho!