Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Post II - Words in 2011

Wacky words, that is.  The last time I posted on this topic, it was goodness!

Since then I've collected another great stack of "words" that are really just what I had to use to be able to comment on others' blogs.  Here's a list of some of the ones I particularly liked, whether for their possible meanings, or just the sound of 'em:

  • pafting 
  • mionce 
  • sanca - like the coffee?
  • lametint - a wishy-washy colour
  • flutips - cotton swabs you use when you're ill
  • undles 
  • faces - yep -- an actual word!
  • exonvism 
  • coott - as in 'Old Coot', but moreso?
  • glumpily - how we do things we don't really want to do...
  • culublub 
  • ammulent - as in 'what I did with my amulet'
  • sycle - as in 'cycle', misspelled
  • fooder - as in food, but more of it?
  • upenfolo 
  • eurastyl - as in European fashion?
  • subpre - as in 'below pre'...
  • ficimput - as in, "I'd really like your ficimput on this idea."
  • whedgies - Whell!
  • benolles - perhaps a rival for a well-known cough syrup?
  • salveri - related to Mozart's rival?
  • dersatin - perhaps for treating athlete's foot?  
  • lizerin - the newest 'house' at Hogwart's?
And last but not least...
  • veramboe - a new role for Sylvester Stallone?
May the New Year riong in with joy at your houst; may you enjoy chysillin with family and friends, drinking fine glogra, and making merif into the wee hours!  :-)

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