Friday, December 09, 2011

The Square Triangles That Threatened My Studio

It's Friday, and that means it's "next clue day" at Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Headquarters!

Thankfully, I finished all my Half Square Triangles -- though some of 'em still have 'ears'.  However they, with their cousins, the Quarter Square Triangles from Part 1, were threatening to bury my cutting table in black and white.  What to do?  I solved the problem with some Styrofoam trays I'd been saving in my dye cupboard.  Don't they make the perfect nest for these babies?

Sharp and Clean!
I liked the results so much i decided to use them for the blue strips too -- and you can see there's an empty one just waiting for Part 4 -- when at last I get to use my reds!

At the same time, I've been doing so much rotary cutting with this project that I had to bring out the cleaning and sharpening crew to prep my mat and rotary blade for the week ahead.  :-)

Merry Strip-mas!
 Continuing in "Prep Mode", I turned out my entire strings container, sorted out my reds (and found more blues and black-and-neutrals), so now I'm really ready to go.  I'm out this evening, though, and off to Edmonton for the weekend.  And then there's my 'usual Monday' in I'm just going to have to make the best use of the time I have available.

Don't those red strips look festive on my green cutting mat?  They've been stored so long that they need ironing.  That, and cutting out my foundation papers, will be the first things I tackle.  And in case I run out of 'strings', I have a stack of red stash fabric -- reds and red-browns -- that I'll turn to.  I find cutting strips and sewing them very meditative, so it should make for a relaxing week, eh?

Let the fun begin!


Judy Warner said...

So, I have learned something. I didn't know you could clean and sharpen rotary blades and mats. Something for me to learn about in 2012!

besshaile said...

I love those red fabrics. They make my fingers itch to do something with them. I wonder - will 2012 be a sewing year for me?
Oh! the word verification is Hothoughts! cute, huh?