Monday, December 05, 2011

It's Link-up Day

at the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt site.  :-)  I love Mondays because during this Mystery Quilt project, I get to check out the progress of my quilty compatriots, and do a bit of blog visiting.  Despite a busy weekend, I've managed to finish all but 86 of my HSTs.  In other words, I used up all my triangle paper in the 1.5" finished size, and now have to turn to  my tried-and-true cut/mark/sew/slice/press method.  No problem though; I can use up all the bits of a suitable size that got sliced off the fat quarters when I was doing the triangle paper thing.  I need only 43 pair of contrasting squares for 86 HSTs, so it's really not that much cutting.  I'm out of town today, though, so it'll be tomorrow before I get going, and likely Wednesday before there are photos.  Stay tuned!

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Judy Warner said...

Go for it, Margaret. I can barely follow what you are describing. I admire your patience and persistence!!