Monday, December 12, 2011

A Rather Inauspicious Beginning

Monday is Link-up Day over at OBMQ HQ (!), so I felt I simply had to find something to post.  :-)

Although I was out of town most of the weekend, I managed to get a few of the red strippy triangles created last evening.  See those two right in front?  They were the produce of my first square, cut in half the wrong way.  Uh-huh.  In my eagerness to get 'em started, I forgot that the plan is to cut them across the strips, not with them.  Sigh.

After that, though, it was pretty smooth sailing, and had I not heard my bed calling me, I'd have made more.  Today, however, I am having my 'usual Monday in Lacombe', so won't be back sewing till tomorrow.  The good news is that I found I ruler I'd forgotten (I can't remember when or why I bought it as I have never used it before): a "Quilt in a Day" ruler from the wonderful Eleanor Burns.  (Note to Self: go to this site and take the tutorial!)   Once I have my 5 1/2" block trimmed and sliced the right way, I use this ruler to trim each triangle down to 5 1/8".  I'm thrilled about this, because for a few minutes last evening, I was standing on my head trying to do the math in order to square it up with my conventional ruler.  I think I could have done it, but this has proved less painful (and no, I'm not buying any more rulers till I'm sure I need them!) :-)

As for the weekend, it included fitting the sleeves on The Christmas Sweater.  Great news!  The sleeves (pre-cuff) are long enough for my long-armed daughter, and so the cuffs will be finished today (part of my 'kit' for my Mondays-in-Lacombe).  Then I'll return to the body to finish it up, and God willing, it will be under The Tree on time.  Life is good!


Ray and Jeanne said...

I cut my first square the wrong way too! Then I was ok until I got tired and did it again! I like your fabrics. Can't wait to see that sweater all done! - Jeanne

Cathy Tomm said...

Good to see some of your red blocks. I am sorry I forgot to add you to my list of people I know that are working on the mystery. I will try to remember next time.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Great red string blocks, red is so much fun. I like the ruler and feel like you...I don't need anymore 'fancy' rulers :)