Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aren't they cute?

In this photo from Lion Brand Yarn are cabled soap cozies.  I first heard about the free pattern for them from Liz and Zontee on a recent YarnCraft podcast about last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers.  I've made a couple just like this out of some cream-coloured 100% wool mulespinner yarn I bought some years ago from nearby Custom Woollen Mills (Carstairs, Alberta).  I've decided I have to keep one just for me!

I am, however, giving at least one as a gift this year.  To accompany it, I've written the following bit of doggerel:

Bathing Beauty

There once was a knitter put coats on her soap.
Her friends said, “She’s crazy; she’s really a dope!

“Doesn’t she know hot water shrinks wool?”
Smiling, she answered, “That’s why I’m no fool!

“I know that wool items felt with wet scrubbing;
that’s why this soap is so handy when tubbing!

“The wool-coated bar will felt up as you bathe,
Your soap will last longer, so money you’ll save.

“What’s more, you will notice that all of that friction
feels great on all parts of you that might be itchin’.

“So you see friends, there’s method to my knitting madness.
A wool-coated soap bar will fill you with gladness.

“Bathe with this bar – relax in its bubbles,
“And soon you’ll forget you had any troubles!”

- Margaret Blank, Christmas, 2011

P.S.: I love this.

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