Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking forward...

    Orca Bay Assembly Line
To later this morning, when I try to finish as many of the OBMQ Step 5 triangles as I can before noon!
Colour #3794 - "Wine"

To this afternoon, when I pick up that lovely extra ball of's 'Sonata Soft' and begin the final two dozen (or so) rows of The Christmas Sweater;

To this evening, when I watch Alistair Sim be transformed from Scrooge to saint in A Christmas Carol;

To tomorrow morning -- Christmas Eve! -- when I clean my house and change the beds in preparation for my children's arrival;

To tomorrow evening, when I join my trio and the congregation at St. Cyprian's Anglican Church, Lacombe, to welcome the Christ Child;

To Sunday morning -- Christmas Day! -- when I continue the celebration with my children, and we all look to see what Santa brought;

To Sunday afternoon, when we sit down to our festive meal;

To Sunday evening, after my son has left for home (5 hour drive and he works Monday), when my daughter and I spend time over the dishes and then relax in the living room;
Boxing Day Sew-In

To Monday -- Boxing Day! -- after my daughter's left for her home...and the house is quiet save the hum of my sewing machine...

So-o-o-o many blessings!

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Bee said...

That sounds wonderful! Merry Christmas, Margaret!