Thursday, December 22, 2011

From the C&G

'Star Dust'
My City & Guilds tutor, Linda Kemshall, and her colleagues will be closing the online 'schoolhouse' on Friday for the Christmas and New Year holiday.  I decided I'd best finish Activity 4 of Module 5, so I could make a fresh start on the next activity in the New Year.

Two methods of tied quilting were required for the assignment.  Because I had only one sample, I decided to combine them in the one piece.  Can you pick out the two different approaches?  Here's a detail shot to give you a better idea:

The other thing I've done with this sample is finish the edge on one side, just to see if it would work well.  I trimmed the batting right back from the edge, and the backing to 1/4" (or so -- I did it free-hand).  Then I folded and finger-pressed that bit of seam allowance and whip-stitched it to the already-folded edges of the outer hexagons, using the same fine silk thread I used to attach the hexies to each other.  I rather like the results, and when I have a few moments here and there, I'll go around the other 3 sides with this technique.  With the zig-zag edging, I'm thinking it might be interesting to mount the finished piece on stretched canvas -- or on a solid-coloured quilted background (a quilt on a quilt).  What do you think?

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