Saturday, November 12, 2011

C&G etc.

The weather here the past couple of days has been distinctly November-ish: cold, damp, a skiff of snow and when there's been a breeze, it's been bone-chilling.  Though I've managed my daily jog (a.m.) and walks (p.m.),  I am quite happy to sit indoors and stitch, listening to music or watching The Quilt Show as I do. [Last night I even caught up on a couple of early episodes from the webcast archives of Oprah's Life Class -- which echoed clearly what Joyce Meyer's been teaching me all year...funny how God manages that, eh? ;-) ]

I've finished Activity 1 in Module 5 of my C&G, and am preparing for Activities 2 and 3, which are linked.

And herein begin the coincidences...

Somewhere in someone's show notes (I can't find it right now -- darn!) I stumbled across this link to a lecture given by Bridget Long in June of this year, entitled Elegant Geometry: American and British Mosaic Patchwork.  Ms. Long is a quilt historian whose studied English Paper Piecing extensively; in the video she talks of its history and how it came over to North America (with particular reference to the US) and evolved over here.

I ate this video up, and then read Activities 2 and 3: Using the colour palette from Activity 1, I am required to design a piece on paper and then create it in fabric --using "mosaic piecing"!  I'm delighted with this, as it's the only form of PP at which I've been even remotely successful.    :-)

Then I spent most of Wednesday working on the hanten for my son.  I gave you a glimpse of the front the other day;  now here's the back.   Yesterday afternoon I began to create the kamon or crest that I'm going to apply to the centre back. As it will be a motif appliqued in the centre of a ring, I thought I'd use freezer paper, but in the end, I realized that Jenni Dobson knew best, and I followed her method.

Now for the central motif-- for which I'll be using (you've guessed it)...mosaic patchwork.  Stay tuned!


Linda A. Miller said...

Love the hanten, Margaret! Your son is lucky.

Judy Warner said...

You have my interest, Margaret. Now I have to learn what mosaic piecing is!